Saturday, June 9, 2007


READ THE FOLLOWING AND SEE JUST WHAT GOOD THE WAGE HIKE WAS.... TO THE GOVERNMENT, DO YOU NOT THINK THE REVIEW BOARD YOU ARE REQUESTING WILL NOT SEE THROUGH THIS LITTLE MANEUVER?.....More cuts eyed in workers' benefits. The Department of Labor is also considering a policy that will allow employers to reduce the workers' benefits on transportation, power, gas, and water.
Assistant attorney general Dorothy Hill, who serves as Labor counsel, said other workers' benefits that may be deducted include the value of transportation to and from work, electricity, gas, and water furnished to the employee for personal use. Hill made the recommendations to Attorney General Matthew Gregory and Labor Secretary Gil M. San Nicolas due to the impending wage hike.
In her memorandum, Hill explained that some employers provide their nonresident employees benefits such as housing and food that can be construed as part of “wages” under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Hill said such benefits may lessen how much of a raise the employers must provide their nonresident employees......
Here's what I'm talking about.......Who are you fooling? The administration's request was for the U.S. Government Accountability Office to conduct a new study that would focus on the latest statistics regarding the CNMI's population, workforce, and economy. In addition, it could look at the potential impact on the economy of increases in the minimum wage level or restrictions on the use of foreign workers over the next several years....... Just why do you think no one will figure this out? Do you think a review board won't see what trivial little games you are trying to play? I suppose no one will see through this scam. Why do you want to keep on screwing the workers you so desperately need? Do you really think the review board won't think of you as idiots, as I do? Just who do you want to fool? Is it the U.S. government, the workers or yourselves? Get a damn grip, will ya!

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