Thursday, March 6, 2008


Hello Skaters and Friends!
Here are the details for the
X-Terra Race this weekend, March 8:
I-Sk8 Support/Aid Station is located near the Old Public Lands building (actually it is the parking lot for the Old Rev and Tax) that is the end of the paved road before you get on the Mt. Topuchau road.
This would be a water station.
You only need to be there, we will provide ice chests with water in them.
I think we should be there around 6, but I will get more details Friday afternoon when I check in with the event coordinator.
X-terra will also provide sandwiches for volunteers.
Deirdre will go to the American Memorial Park at around 6am to pick up your sandwiches and t-shirts (unless you have your own T-shirts in which case we will give you X-TERRA hats).
Scott will be making a shuttle/pick-up available:
5:30 AM from the Civic Center Bball court
6 AM from Garapan/Memorial Park Museum lot.
Tanapag & North will be picked up after that... Stand by, we may find another driver!
U can text or call: 483-1925
This can be a sweet spot for some scenic skate footage! Bring your Cameras and Videos...
And let's win the best spirit again, so don't forget to pay attention to the water station!!!
(The Following weekend we have another support station, this time on beach road near Garapan, for the Taga Man Race! March 15)
I am trying to get a link for more race information...Stay tuned...


Mark Vernaus said...

What ever happened to the plans for a skate park? This was in the news a couple of times when I first arrived here, and I've heard nothing of it since.

glend558 said...

I submitted a proposal to construct it for them... Never heard back. (The reason I'm on the sk8 mailing list.)
It was the Rotary Club wanting to do it. They were collecting funds to pay for the park. So maybe that never matured. It's been approx. a year since I submitted the proposal.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Last I heard they had collected a significant portion of the funds needed. They were waiting word on which land parcel, if any, they would be alloted. Fishing Base was their first choice a while back.

bradinthesand said...

this was one of the best aid stations on the course! thanks for helping out!