Sunday, March 9, 2008


They have finally figured a way to lower the power rates.
It is such a brainstorm and it was sitting right under our noses all this time and we all were to ignorant to even see it. Why, of course, this will work, I can't believe I never thought of this, nor anyone else for that matter...
IF the plan to lower the power rates and increase the water bill pushes through, consumers will end up paying the same amount of utility expenses every month, according to Rep. Francisco S. Dela Cruz, Covenant-Saipan.
Yesirree, Bob, You got it, it is such a simple plan, to lower the power rates and save lots of money on electricity, just raise the water rates. Yup, you got it
He was asked to comment on the proposal made by Rep. Victor B. Hocog, Ind.-Rota and chairman of the House subcommittee on utilities. “It doesn’t make sense."
But Dela Cruz said he is willing to make Hocog’s proposal “work.”
There is a guy after my own heart, "it doesn't make sense" but I'll jump in it up to my armpits, like a pig in shit, and go to work on it!
Dela Cruz said there has been a “positive response” from the consumers.
I'll bet everyone else thinks this is a 'durn good ideer' too. How could an amazingly profound plan like this not work?
Since the implementation of the law although CUC is still in the progress of finding ways to accommodate the new setup.
Lets all go gang bang on this fix-it-all notion, that will divert attention from the other shit that don't work around here either, a great idea like this one must be in the news.
I couldn't have done it any better myself.


lil_hammerhead said...

I think they're going to have to jack that new water rate through the roof. Do you know how many people have water tanks and pumps here.. alot. Do you know how many more will have water tanks and pumps if such a hike were to happen.. almost all of those that now don't.

Will the burden fall on the 100 people who don't have a tank and pump? :} Power Bill - $300.00, Water Bill - $1,200.00

glend558 said...

Insanity still reigns...

Buzz said...

...but wait! The Legislature now wants their own backup power. I'm sure rearranging funding (or rather deficit funding)will be a lot higher priority than actually fixing the CUC problem. As for water? That's another problem to push down the list.