Sunday, March 16, 2008


A good friend of mine
'Mike' used to work for the independent landfill company who was hired by the Babauta administration to manage the daily operations of the Marpi landfill, shown here.
Having this close friend in charge I had privy to a lot more information about how a landfill should be operated then I really needed to know. One thing that he was adamant about was the strict rules set to control exposed garbage.
Rule # 1 was to be strictly followed:
All exposed garbage shall be covered at the end of every day and shall be covered with a minimum of 6" of soil.
This was required for a number of reasons, to control flies, keep odor down, eliminate fire hazards, keep it from blowing away and in general keep it sanitary and neat.
Then the Fitial administration came into power and took over the daily operations of the landfill, run by DPW. So now it seems all the rules are out the window. As you can see here, this picture was taken on a Saturday afternoon, and there surely won't be any operations until Monday morning, and no soil would probably be spread any sooner than Mon. PM. Also the amount of exposed trash is not one day of accumulation but probably a weeks worth or more.
This garbage has not been covered for many days and who knows when it will be covered? So where are the rules about covering the trash daily? I guess they feel the rules are no longer needed as you can see by the amount of uncovered and exposed trash in the picture.
This is unacceptable, but why be surprised, that's how things work here.
Is there a functioning DEQ, or an EPA office to check this out? Or will this be overlooked?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Glend,

This is one subject I totally agree with you and I would like to thank you for bringing this subject out.

The Federal Government should investigate what is going on at the Landfill. It truely is a big mess this administration created.

I heard that all the equipment are being rented from PDL, a company closely associated with the Lt. Governor.

glend558 said...

I believe you are correct about the Pacific Drilling and The Lt. Gov. I heard this before.

Anonymous said...

Closely related? Would you believe the Lt. Governor's family is part owner of PDL?

glend558 said...

Go figure, Why am I not suprised. I can believe that.

Anonymous said...

this is great. i'd love to do a story on this one.

glend558 said...

Please do the story. I can tell you this operation is not even close to the methods required to operate the landfill. I do know this..
The fill must go in by lifts and be compacted to a certain rate.
The lifts must be level to get this compaction and be covered each day.
Trash can't be compacted on a slope.
The rate of compaction directly relates to the length of the life of the area to be filled.
With a poor compaction rate the landfill will fill up faster requiring a new one to be built much sooner then orgionally predicted, causing the gov. to spend another $10 million it won't have therefore you are looking at another mismanaged PR dump.
In conclusion today, nobody cares, it's pay me now or pay me later, I guess it's pay me later and at a much higher price.

ball lickers said...

Lol. Look at the fucking oil being dumped into the ground and contaminating our water supply everyday. Very few of these auto companies and even hotels have a birm and do not have the oil collected by PERI. So what does that mean? They are dumping it our backyard! How bout Ray Quichocho the lawyer who stole $700,000 in overtime over two years, even illegally depositing a check for mpla and putting his name on it? How bout Oscar Rasa the convicted crook who took $800,000 as a Tinian gaming consultant and never gave it back? The list is endless. The landfill only scratches the surface. Last but not least, this garment whore of a Governor who licks Willie Tan's balls and jerks off Jack Abramoff on the side because he is afraid his buddy Jack will rat on him. There is nothing we can do but sit back and enjoy the ride.