Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The new tourist attraction on Saipan. Things to do on Saipan. When you run out of places to go and things to do, here is an innovative activity to keep you busy.
The new MVA T-Shirt
I vacationed on Saipan and all I got was this bag of trash... INSPIRED. See photo.....
Ron Kramis of Bellingham, Washington picks up trash along the road headed to Capital Hill yesterday morning. Kramis, is visiting the island for the third time with his wife.

Who woudda guessed this, without this educated and profound explanation?
Power Outage Blamed on ‘Electrical Problems’
THE island experienced another series of power outages yesterday, this time due to “electrical problems.” DUH!
Reyes: Crisostimo’s FDM Resolution May Not Be Good For NMI
"C".. Maybe settle for just renaming the place, that seems to keep you sucking on a tit and therefore, keeping you quiet!
SENATOR Luis P. Crisostimo has asked the U.S. Agency for Toxic and Substances and Disease Registry to conduct a public health assessment on Farallon de Mendinilla. “The people of CNMI are extremely concerned that the artillery littering the island has become a significant public health hazard,” he said. “Toxic substance released by the bombs have contaminated the soil and surrounding waters causing damage to wildlife, fish and coral on and around FDM.”
Why,.... Are the local residents getting sick? Are you lost with nothing else to do? Can't think of a new name? Budget process to easy, leaving you bored? Just like to make stupid sounds? Is there competition for poker machines there?
Senate President Pete P. Reyes says this may only create “problems” for the CNMI.
He said Crisostimo’s letter may harm the economy of the Mariana islands, more so now that the military is preparing to increase its presence on Guam.
Crisostimo.... A challenge to you... Show me the facts....
Show me the research you have done to confirm your statements, lets see the facts you have collected, show me signatures against this action. Show me your polls. Show test results from scientific studies to prove your accusations. I think you have no way to confirm your blatant bullshit, no one gives a shit, especially when they can't even afford gas and pay power bills. If there is any truths to your last statement publish it in the paper, to do less or not to produce these facts will prove they are only your imaginary brain farts and will confirm that you are full of crap. So we're waiting to see the reports. Show reports and facts or be considered a bullshitter.....
We're waiting... We're watching!


lil_hammerhead said...

Brad's "ai adai" comment would be fitting here.

"ai adai"

Doesn't it make you wonder about the inner workings of his mind? His thought processes?

Is he looking towards developing FDM in the near future? Opening new homestead lands up?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Hey Glen, you actually have it a bit wrong.

Ron came to the CNMI about two years ago. He saw garbage everywhere. On the streets. On the beach. In our villages.

When he went back to Washington he told anyone that would listen that they should NEVER come to Saipan.

He told me that when he came back this time he saw that a miracle had taken place. Our island was suddenly clean.

He credits the Beautify CNMI campaign.

He saw something wonderful happening and he wanted to be a part of it, so he grabbed a garbage bag and he pitched in.

This island would be a better place if more people acted like Ron.

He has decided that he wants to be part of the solution. Instead of ridiculing his act, you should praise it.

glend558 said...

SBlogger, you got it way wrong I'm not ridiculling him nor your efforts to clean this island, rather I compliment you, Beautify CNMI, and our guest for the efforts to clean and beauify.
My post was to point out the lack of tourist attractions, we need more, and the MVA needs to get off their butts too. Note I said 'new tourist attraction' and 'things to do'.
Sorry you took it the wrong way, my apologies...

Ron said...

Ah! With the internet, notoriety comes so quickly! Even to amateur trash collectors! The possibilities to inform and mis-inform are limitless.
Thanks, Glen, for clarifying , in response to the Saipan Blogger, the intent of your parody of the photo of me collecting trash. I received many a pleasant and much appreciated "toot of the horn" from drivers passing by... one even stopping and giving me a very welcome bottle of cold water. This has confirmed for me that the people of Saipan really are involved in improving their island.
Its true that when I left after my visit in 2006, I was disappointed and even a bit angry that the people of Saipan allowed their potentially beautiful island to be so trashed. I certainly didn't make a point of "dissing" the island or the friendly people there, but when asked by friends whether they should go, I had honestly to recommend against it, given my own disappointment.
What a change two years can make!
I would like to thank and congratulate the many individuals and organizations, especially Beautify CNMI and the children of Saipan, for the tremendous improvements in the island's roads and beaches over the last two years. Keep it up!
And to my friends back home, I can happily and honestly say "You bet. If you're looking for sunshine, sand, and friendliness, give Saipan a try."