Friday, March 21, 2008


A sick twisted way to look at how to keep the community divided.
Here's the Story...
To use monies belonging to NMI descent to rehabilitate CUC engines is quite not right. I know that it is not right because the stakeholders (customers) for CUC include individuals who are not NMI descent. As such, to spend NMI descent monies on CUC will greatly benefit those individuals who are not NMI descent. This action is wholly contrary to the intent of the CNMI Constitution. This is utterly not right!
Juan I. Tenorio
As Matuis, Saipan
(Former Important Person)
To use federal monies, from U.S. taxpayers for CIP funds, food stamps, school supplies and buses, health vaccines, disaster relief, and many, many more federally funded agencies and assistance programs must be stopped NOW! These funds might benefit everyone, not only people of NMI decent, this may be unfair to someone else, this isn't 'right' I know it isn't! In as much as spending federal funds to rehabilitate CUC this should not be done either, we will use the same reason as stated above, it might benefit everyone and not only 'the special ones'. This just wouldn't be 'right'.
Stop benefiting all the people, help just the select few that are deserving.
What a greedy pig-headed approach to solving problems. It don't surprise me anymore why nothing ever improves here. Stupidity, bigotry, greediness and self serving, the way of rule here.
You would allow all the people here to suffer, including your own, rather then helping solve a problem, and all due to greed and bigotry. Shame on you!
big?ot ?? NOUN:
One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.
And you wonder why there is a web site titled, "Saipan Sucks"....


racist assholes said...

Juan I. Tenorio is as bigoted as they come. Glen excellent points as usual. If you are brown stick around, if you are white, go fly a kite, if your black, stay back. Ops, brown and Chamorro oif course. If your brown and Filipino, scrub the toilets and be tankful your employed here and don't ever complain. Juan I. Tenorio for Governor of the CRMI (Commonwealth of the Racist Mariana Islands).

Anonymous said...


You are again being a racist against us NMD's. Remember you live and make a living on OUR ISLAND. Stop calling people Idiots just because you do not agree with their opinion.

You are one UGLY AMERICAN! Stick to being a Drunk and a Pimp. I suggest that you first learn the history of MPLT before you open your fucken mouth!

chamorro native said...

Haoles go home. This is our land not yours. Don't forget that.

Anonymous said...

Gimme food stamp and American benefits. But fuck you anyway. Thanks for the handout now go to hell. We are biting the hands that feed us and it taste oishiiiii, mas mangge.

Anonymous said...


You started it by calling us IDIOTS! Now watch your every step, MOTHERFUCKER!


You can bet on IT!! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

Anonymous said...

I get sick of all of the comments about this being YOUR ISLAND. You sick people don't even know your history!

You are all Guamians, and not even that. You are all mixed blood and more Filipino than Chamorro.

As for the Carolinians, you have more rights to Saipan than the johnny-come-lately Chamorros, but even these are not your islands since the you had to get permission from the Spanish to live here.

Get off of your racist high horse and look at the big picture!

Anonymous said...

Why can't we just get along? Juan I. Tenorio should be elected Governor. He is at least honest about being a racist motherfucker. He is right. Take money from mama US and then treat her like a ho after. Juan is a good racist!

Anonymous said...

Saipan sucks because of racist pinhead small dick bitches. The anger comes from having small chili.

Anonymous said...

Tanapag boys? Wow, Glen, I believe that sounded like a death threat. Please forward that particular comment to the FBI and have them pay this anonymous pussy a visit. He is soooo tough to threaten you but too much of a fag to put his name down. Typical. The FBI can get the IP from PTI and trace it to his house or place of work. Chances are he is not working and mad because his dumb ass is unemployable. He can go to fed prison for this threat.

bigsoxfan said...

I just noticed on my way to work yesterday, we have an extraordinarely (that can't be speeled right) Anyway, big assed full moon, the psych wards must be jumping.

Mongolia is just a few days away from nationalizing the mining industry and you thought you had it bad. Greed and corruption doesn't have any boundaries. Later, Mark Scease