Monday, March 10, 2008


Is it the United States of America or the Seperate States of America?
Why is it
when the people of the NMD can't find work or opportunities to advance to a higher standard of living for themselves and their families here, they always seek out the better standards of work, living, schools, the chance to own their own homes and businesses is in the USA, the US Mainland, Hawaii or Guam. Can't make it here? go to greener pastures, where you will be welcome as fellow US citizens with all the benefits and opportunities afforded to everyone else there equally.
No, you don't go to the SSA (Separate States of America) Where only the people from, lets say Nevada, for an example, can own a house or property there, can only be admitted to a collage as a foreigner and pay penalties through higher fees then Nevadans. The only job opportunities there were minimum wage jobs for 'outsiders' all good jobs went to ND's and land ownership was only to ND's, and you are only allowed to lease your home. How about if the golf fees would be $50 dollars for ND's and the 'foreigners', the NMD's would pay triple. Would you like that?
How would the United States work if it wasn't, well, united? If every single state operated as the CNMI and the MND's do now, nothing would be in harmony. People from New Jersey would have no business ownership opportunities in New York, nor could a high school graduate from Pennsylvania go to school in Ohio. People living in Michigan couldn't buy a winter home in Florida or a retiree from Minnesota move to live in Arizona. How messed up would that be?
How 'bout a terrorist strikes in New York and only New Yorkers would go to fight back? Would this be a united states? or a separate states?
Do you go to the US and find out after you are settled in and the living is good, the laws change and you are forced to go home for six months just so you won't be part of the community where you are living and working. Yes, living with your family, with your kids in school and your mortgage about to be paid off in the next ten years, (although that isn't a problem here) and suddenly a new law kicks you out, alienates you from your community, that would suck wouldn't it? Do you live there under the threat that every time a different governor is elected your stability is compromised and you could lose your job or a new labor official would deem you not qualified to work there and send you back to the CNMI? A kick in the ass, yes?
Would you like to be treated in the US, as you are now, 'united' or would you like to be treated as people are here,'separately' as anyone other than a NMD is here? Shouldn't things be equal on both sides and be 'united' and treated equally? or as the case is here, 'separate' and treated differently. No, it's not the SSA, its the USA and as long as any entity such as the CNMI wants to be 'separate' and operate differently, things will not work for them as it works for us.
Be wholly a part of the US and act like you are, or do nothing at all and go it alone, you can't sit on the fence. As someone once said,"you are either with us or you are against us," there is no middle road. You oppose federalization yet hold out your hands for assistance every time you can't make it yourselves. You don't want people to receive a livable wage , yet you want to be given all the perks and to live as US mainlanders. You don't pay taxes to the US, yet you want US passports and benefits. You are protected around the clock by the mighty US military yet you don't want them to practice here. (FDM and Crisostimo plan). Is it the cake and eat it too theory?
Now I'm not telling you what you should do but rather what you should think about...
That's all.....


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Know it all White Ass Drunk!

Leave Article 12 alone. You have no fucken business complaining about Article 12. If you don't like the situation here, packed up your fucken bag and go back to where you came from. No big loss to the CNMI!


Anonymous said...

I can only hope that I am alive the day the NMD people vote to become truly independent from the US. Only then will they begin to understand what America is all about. It may not be perfect, but it will be a whole hell-of-a-lot better than what this place will become once these isles become an independent state. Imagine Mr. Anonymous being in charge of something more complex than taking a crap.

One additional comment - independence?? yea right. They will be like other Micronesian island nations who bend over every time some foreign dignitary visits. Do people actually think the Japanese or Taiwanese contribute funds for infrastruture projects out of the goodness of their hearts? Naaaaa......

bigsoxfan said...

You certainly attract commenters from both sides of the political coin. Have to say in comparison to anon#2, anon #1 could learn some lessons towards making friends and influencing people through command of some sort of language. ah what the hell, everyone deserves some sort of rant.

CresceNet said...

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cactus said...

Yes, that's the deal exactly. We get to have our cake and eat it too. We get the best of both worlds. We get to be US citizens AND have our own SEPARATE self-government. The locals get their blue passports and DON'T have to give up their land to get them.

That is the Covenant. It's a special arrangement. The US (including Nevada) agreed to it and is bound by it. It's a false choice to say you have to be either "in" or "out." The US, UN and CNMI have all agreed that we can be both.

We are unique. Live with it. Hell, enjoy it!

lil_hammerhead said...

Alot of things are in the Covenant that people seem to like to forget, when they argue based on it.. like the ability of the US to takeover immigration, wages, etc.

You can't argue "the covenant", and scream "local!" as soon as parts of the covenant you don't like are implemented.

cactus said...

I agree that both sides should abide by the whole Covenant and not just cherry-pick the parts they like. I just think it is the federal side doing most of the cherry-picking.

But it is one thing to disagree about what the Covenant says or means. Glen is going beyond that and attacking the whole concept of having a Covenant at all -- i.e., having a unique negotiated relationship with the US, instead of being like just another state.

When we ratify the US consitution, we're a state. We ratified something different, and we ARE something different.

Biba la difference!

Anonymous said...

I understand where you come from and agree with a lot of what you said. I came here quite a long time ago and think, we that came, do need to understand (Not necessarily agree) that this island is only 45 sq miles, so let's at least respect their right to make the decision. And when it comes to their US citizenship, let's not stuff down their throats that they were liberated. These islands were invaded for territorial advantage. Having said all that, I think that land should be fee simple and I know a lot of locals that agree.

glend558 said...

As I said I'm only giving you something to think about. I never put down the local's (NMD's) desires. My point is must look at the status quo and see what is happening here, this place is in trouble, whether you see it or not. You can decide to live however you want, however I would not accept this situation,'as is'.
Also you must realize the time you exist in, no one can be an island alone anymore, not even a country alone, you need to be an island in the real world. A world that is tied together, by trade, economies, families, blood, all is intertwined. This cannot be ignored you are living in the 21'st century, never to be an isolsted island again