Sunday, March 30, 2008


Everyone responsible for the power outages, casts the blame on engine repairs ongoing at CUC. But I think the real reason is is exposed in this short snippet of news in Sundays paper....
Here it is... The Story Here
Due to the shortfall, CUC for instance failed to pay for a full 30-day fuel supply last month. Power outages are now occurring partly because CUC is stretching to last for 30 days the 23-day supply that it managed to purchase.
Now you may ask, "Who are the responsible parties wanting to cover their own asses by casting blame and pointing at something that may not be the real culprit? Well you see the vote grubbing legislature combined with the 'we can't do the math' TaoTao Tano, caused the lowering of residential rates below the costs of producing the power, therefore creating this deficit. This is the real reason we're having rolling blackouts, 'stretching a 23 day supply of fuel to last a month'.
That's it! That's the real reason for outages, not ongoing repairs as they may want you to believe. Now the 'we can't do the math either' house, the creators of a budget once every 4 years or so, who we depend on to be 'smart' enough to handle our finances have backpedaled once again. Trying to gloss over blatant mistakes that were so obvious at the time by bullshitting that they had the best interest of the people in mind. We saw this all along, who are they kidding?
Now my question is this, are you OK with this mess? Did they really help you out? Do you think your interest was the reason, or the greedy desire to be re-elected again? You don't need to answer that, we all know the reason without saying...
Enjoy the heat, darkness, inconvenience and loss of business, it's on your 'we can't do the math' leaders.
Thank ya'll so much, legislators, for your insight and competence in the way you run this place....

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lil_hammerhead said...

Whether it is repairs, or the need to curtail generator hours because they're making up for absent revenue.. they should set a damn schedule and keep to it.

If folks new that there would be no power from 6 to 6 on Saturday.. we'd go picnic (or whatever).

They set schedules they don't keep. The power goes off 3 or 4 times a day without notice.

There is no greater detriment to the CNMI Economy, than this shit right here. Do they just not "get it"?