Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Another Stanley TLC* Torres brain fart.
Here is what Ill be talking about..... The Story Here
According to Torres, the government is short of revenue hence the House is still trying to find a “balance” between helping CUC get funding for its fuel subsidy and lessening the burden on customers paying high power rates.
So far all is well and good. We recognize the government is short of money. Maybe we should just say it's 'flat ass broke' and getting even deeper in the hole.
Torres said some members of the House are looking into reducing the tax rebates.
However, he admitted that some private individuals will be against it since there are many who have not yet received their refunds from the government for some time.

Let's look at this brain damaged idea:
There is no money to pay rebates. Are we together on this? Now the idea is to take this non- existing money and use it to support CUC. Tell me how that works, so maybe you and I can use this kind of funds to pay our utility bills too. Let's take the I.O.U.'s from the government tax returns and present these worthless items to CUC to pay our power bills. Should work the same way, don't ya think?
What do these numb-nuts think about all day? Are they 'high'? Taking non-existing money from tax rebates and supporting CUC with it, probably will buy us some non-existing power!
I suggest they also use the same non-existing rebate funds to buy the generator and parking lot the legislature so badly needs.
On the other hand if there IS money for tax rebates, then pay the rebates! What are you waiting for? Interest to collect on the millions of dollars sitting there with no intended purpose?
He added, “We want to help CUC buy a new engine to put an end to these frequent power outages due to its malfunctioning power engines.”
The broke helping the 'brokest', what a novel idea!
*The Loose Cannon

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boondocks said...

And many have already filed for this year, which means any change in the rebate schedule would not even apply until next tax year. Any increase in available funds won't be seen for several years. The math says it needs to be done however.