Friday, March 14, 2008


It's never ending!
The Story Here
We used to buy a 50-lbs sack of rice for $21.99. These days, we buy it for $23.99-a hefty $2 increase in just a month's time. (Saipan Resident)

Han Nam Market, which used to sell 50-lbs Golden Phoenix rice for $19.95 each, had also raised its price to $23.95 early last month. Store manager Mr. Ju said they've just received another notice from their wholesaler informing them that the price of rice will once again increase in its upcoming shipment. “So it's better if you buy rice now because the price will rise again this coming container,” Ju said.
So it's going up again, next month, is this taken into consideration by the anti-wage increase proponents? Or they looking the other way, again?
Lets take a look at some of the relationships between wages and prices...
We'll start here with Minimum Wage before deductions...
$3.55 per hour. $28.40 per day . $142.00 per week.
So staying with a 50 lb bag of rice = 1 days pay.
14 gal of gas = 2 days pay.
A $14.00 meal for 2 at the 360 = 1 days pay. Total so far 4 days.
Now we have got a bag of rice, 3/4 tank of gas and 2 '360' meals. Toodle looo.
Now we have the last day for food, power, rent, clothing, taxes, and many, many more expenses. How is this suppose to work...It's simple, IT DON'T! Never did, never will!
So happy day.


lil_hammerhead said...

The price of a workers ability to purchase basic needs.. like rice, are seemingly of no concern to those that fight the minimum wage increase.

Dominic Pangelinan said...

Did you know that rice was once cultivated in the Marianas ISlands before Magellan set foot? What happened?