Monday, March 24, 2008



Is this guy really serious or is it just a really bad early April fools joke, one that isn't very funny in reality, but a real hoot to think about? I won't even bother to bring out the 'bullshit flag'!
Let's take a look here....
Fitial Wants 4 More Years:
GOVERNOR Benigno R. Fitial, who garnered nearly (only) 28 percent of the votes cast in the four-way race in 2005, yesterday announced that he will seek reelection next year. Fitial, whose winning margin was 84 votes, said this time there will be “better times” — his 2005 campaign promise — once he secures another term.
What the hell is gonna be different this time? Did he get smarter overnight, or plans to do so? Does four years of failure qualify you to be a success the next time? I don't think so!
He believes that he still have the political will and the resources that include international “business connections that would help me and my administration turn the economy around.”
Fitial admitted that the CNMI economy is experiencing a depression and this, he said, is why he and Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Villagomez are running again.
Oh, I get this one, he saved all those 'connections' he had to surprise us all, had the wool pulled over our eyes all this time. Now he will bring out the big buck developers, and make us all look foolish for even doubting him, I get it!
He said he and Villagomez, a former Commonwealth Utilities Corp. executive director, “will cure this CUC crisis.” Fitial said they will privatize CUC.
This is kinda like asking the fox to guard the hen house, the very person responsible for a large part of CUC's problems will now get to fix it. Pure Genius!
“We will not change that plan because we strongly believe that the most viable cure now is to bring in people or companies that are experienced in power plant generation, operation and development,” he added.
Yup, this plan is so successful it shouldn't be changed, CUC is just rolling along, free of any problems, a plan working like this one should never be screwed with!
In his speech before Covenant Party officers and members, Fitial said “the most constant thing in the world is change. So there is bound to be a change in our present economic situation.”
He said among his administration’s “achievements” is keeping the tourism industry in good shape.
Is that the same as "pretty darn good" we heard that before, didn't we? didn't work, now did it? The change he may be referring to is downward, we all know that too.
The CNMI is also developing a new industry — education, he added.
Maybe give a little thought to the local education program too? Ever think of that?
Fitial said more people are beginning to believe in what his administration is doing. “It’s very seldom that they see a governor and a lt. governor having the political will to do what is right. By sticking to this philosophy, the Covenant Party and the people of the commonwealth in general will support me and the lt. governor,” he said.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha,! Who are you kidding??????
It makes pretty sorry fodder to compare one failure to another and call it a success, doesn't it?
If this administration is re-elected all I can say is, it serves you right, you will deserve all you get!
PS.. You MUST read the comments to this one!


ipswichtwitch said...

talk about delusional. this will make for an interesting campaign. imagine the decisions all of upper echelon appointees are going to have to make. "do we go jobless for a year and a half, or do we do the roadside campaign waving and never get hired again?"

Jeff said...

I'm astonished he's planning on running again.

glend558 said...

There you go Jeff, I knew there was something we could see eye to eye on...

Anonymous said...

Here's a few things to think about.

The national Republican Party issued strict orders to all Republicans not to meet with Fitial or have their pictures taken with him, under penalty of being sanctioned, due to his toxic association with Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay.

The GOP also issued a directive that no Republican could oppose the CNMI takeover bill, again under penalty of sanctions, because any opposition to the bill would be seen as Republicans still doing Abramoff/Delay bidding, which could hurt the GOP in an election year.

The Military has suspended all plans for any military support on Tinian or prefabrication construction in the NMI, until Fitial is out of office, as punishment for his lobbying against the bill that would get the H workers needed for the base expansion.

The CNMI was stripped out of the bill to postpone any further minimum wage increases because Fitial is despised back in D.C.

Homeland Security has told the State Department it can no longer verify that the CNMI is in compliance with International treaties for the protection of refugees, and that State will have to deal with the CNMI, because of Fitial's hostility to the program.

When the U.S. paid out twenty-something million in cover-over funds late last year, the governor personally delivered a multi-million dollar payment to Willie Tan in Hong Kong.

glend558 said...

Wow! Anon, Doesn't suprise me although some of it is news to me!
Send this to 'letters to the editor'.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing I despise more than this evil retarded governor. He is the worst governor ever to serve the CNMI and has done nothing but promote his familia and his real boss Willie Tan. This governor is sick and needs to step down. He will not win another term and will be decimated in the upcoming election. He is persona non grata in the US and it is true the Republicans would not associate themselves with this dumb fuck. Actually the Democrats hate him too. What a sick fuck. Glen do a poll on if anyone will re-elect this cocksucker. Ray Mafnas will be jobless after 2009. He can always get a job choking Korean students!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Fitial! He should be thrown in jail!

Anonymous said...

Reasons why I won't vote for this asshole Governor:

1. Racist. Told filipinos to go home even though he is married to one.

2. CUC. Promised to reduce surcharge and electricity rates and instead doubled rates, killing our economy overnight.

2B. Daily black outs. This mother fucker has done nothing to help CUC and has no idea what to do except give privatization contract to Willie Tan. Fitial has declared state of emergency yet every day we have power outages. Hey asshole Governor, CUC is corrupted like you!

3. Dirty ties. Jack Abramoff. This governor still considers Jack Abramoff his best friend even though he is a convicted felon. Why? Because Abramoff could easily put Fitial in jail. Dirty mother fuckers.

4. Hiring practices. Governor Fitial says he will fire 400 people but he still hires more people. He hires high school drop outs and has a senior policy advisor who is really just his bodyguard. Ray Mafnas has no college degree and has a hot temper and once choked an NMC student.

5. Willie Tan. This governor is Willie's bitch. His decisions are based on what Slick Willie tells him.

6. Anti-minimum wage. Fitial wants slave labor. He would rather lower the minimum wage. He lives in a mansion on the hills built by Filipinos. Filipinos live in tin houses. Why? Because they only make 3.55 an hour. Fitial makes $355 an hour from Willie Tan. You are a motherfucker slave driver Governor!

7. Bitter times. Fitial promised better times but we are living in the worst times of our lives. Are you better off today than you were three years ago. The only people to say yes are his followers who got nice fat contracts.

8. Dumb and weak. Fitial is slow, phsyically and mentally. I want a healthy governor who is articulate and health conscious, not a retarded sap with one foot in the grave.

Those are only 8 reasons but I could post 800 why we should not vote for the worst governor in the history of the CNMI. Fitial sucks and belongs in jail next to Abramoff! Fuck him and may he rot in jail.

Anonymous said...

Lol. I love this blog. Glen please do a poll!

Anonymous said...

Wow, such audaciousness in this guy's thinking that voters will once again place their trust in him to run the government.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that I am glad I am leaving the CNMI this year. I am very tried of the Dumb and Dumber show I have seen for the last 20 years. It only gets worst and worst, year by year.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Fitial you lame ass and your cabinet. Ray Mafnas go choke another student!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I would challenge anonymous (of course) #1 to prove any one of the absurd contensions made in that post. Exanmple: let's see that Republican National Party directive mandating sanctions.

Let's see the money trail proof from US cover over funds to Willy Tan's pocket.

Bullshit, pure bullshit. Typical anonymous bullshit.