Tuesday, March 11, 2008


GED Enterprises is introducing a solar hot water package for residential and commercial applications. Designed to drastically reduce your power bill for heating hot water and keep electrical costs down.
A home package will cost right at $1,000.00 complete, installed and working. So you do the math.. If you are paying $80.00 to $90.00 per month for water heating you will recoup your costs in just one year. This heater will last a good 10 or more years so go figure.
Commercial units will be custom designed and will start at about $2,500.00 to $3,000.00.
I just completed a proposal for 22 washing machine units and that figured at around $2,700.00.
Again think of the savings over a 10+ years of no power costs for hot water after the initial investment.
The concept is very simple. We run tap water through a series of pipes which is heated by the good ole sun, free of course. This preheated water is then sent into the 'in' connection on your water heater. So anytime you say, take a shower and draw water from the heater, hot water is replacing the water being drawn out. This will eliminate the heater coils from energizing and your power meter from spinning. A novel idea, the sun heats the water instead of electricity.
Should we get some cool cloudy or sunless days your heater will work just as it always did therefore you will never miss having hot water.... Simple!
One other added benefit for home and business owners... Imagine the additional amount of value added to your property. If you should decide to sell your property, the simple fact that you can mention there is a built in solar heater will increase the value many more times than what you initially paid for it...
So if you were wondered why I wasn't posting much I've been busy engineering this project. All is now ready to go on the road. If you want more details contact me by E-Mail. glendout@yahoo.com or leave a 'comment'.
Think about it...


lil_hammerhead said...

"Syco" :)lol

Looks like a good system Glen. I'm going to have my husband take a look at it when he returns this evening. We don't own our home, so I may speak to our landlord as well.

bigsoxfan said...

You seem to be on the right track, Glenn. Some times, it takes a small step to improve a serious problem. I'm sending a link to my brother the green back in the states, he might be able to drum up some coverage for you. Not sure how your idea will float in UB, I think radiational cooling would kill any gains, but I'm not an environmental engineer, although I've seen one played on TV.

Anon. Get your lame ass back to class and work on your speeling..

glend558 said...

BSF, This is a warm weather unit only. To operate where the weather freezes is a whole different story.
It could, however, be used in a cold climate if it was drained and taken out of service for the winter. This would only take adding a drain valve, a bypass would return the existing heater back into service during the cold weather.

shewhowatches said...

Excellent glen588.. things are in motion.