Thursday, March 29, 2007


What's with all these poker room robberies, crack freaks needing a quick stash of cash? Gott'a steal to support the habit, I guess, so what are we, and the DPS going to do about it? Well I want to tell you this, it's not only up to the DPS it really goes back to our laws. This means judges and the legislature. Oh, DPS will catch them, but it seems things grind to a halt there. They get a slap on the wrist, a suspended sentence and we wait till they do it again. WE NEED SOME TOUGH KICK-ASS LAWS!! Why did we build that $20,000,000+ million dollar jail? For what? politicians to play musical funding? Lets see if we can afford a commissioner and staff and operate it? I say, what the HELL are they doing? Lets open that yellow elephant up and put some of these ass-holes away. Try this capital hill and weak judges....5 YEARS MANDATORY FOR ROBBERIES.... with another 5 YEARS MANDATORY added on for USING A WEAPON. While you dilly-dally on capital hill PEOPLE ARE GETTING HURT, TRAUMATIZED AND ROBBED. Stop this renaming of streets, adding holidays and then revoking them weeks later, and passing dumb legislation and do something that takes some balls. Now you legislated a law to put security guards at all poker establishments, without any power to actually stop an armed robber. So I ask you DOES THIS STUPID LAW WORK??? It appears to me IT'S NOT WORKING, so how do you see it? Well I must stop ranting but these guys really PISS ME OFF. Please add your comments as to what you think needs to be done to stop the madness........GED.......

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