Sunday, March 25, 2007


The Grotto the most famous dive site on Saipan.The top photo shows the above ground entrance to the famous grotto. After descending a flight of more than 100 steps made out of rocks you arrive at the dive pool entrance (second photo)where the divers actually enter the water. After jumping in the pool you can then swim through underwater tunnels (bottom photo) out to the open ocean. Not a feat for the feint of heart or someone unskilled. We have actually had an underwater wedding below the pool. Yep, nuptials underwater, I wonder how long that union will stay afloat? Lets hope everything was done above
Surround this area with an all natural setting, throw in some fantastic scenic views from above and you got it all.

( click photo)
View of the
pool entrance

Swimming through the
tunnel to the ocean.

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