Sunday, March 25, 2007


I bring up the subject of Forbidden Island today after reading the morning paper. The news was sad news as four people have just lost their lives there yesterday. It seems, according to the morning news, that several people were hiking (yes, I said hiking) along the cliffs when a rogue wave hit them taking seven of them into the surf, three managed to get back to shore although bruised and battered, three were pronounced D.O.A. and one more is still missing. This brings me to the point...You can NEVER be to careful when it comes to the power of the ocean. It can look so tranquil and serene when all of a sudden it can take you in a flash. These were not the first to be taken by the sea. Others have suffered the same fate, many never to be recovered. So beautiful yet so deadly! I guess this explains why this little rock is named.....Forbidden Island.....GED.......

Southern tip
of Saipan

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