Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Now what can you say about a cow? There is, HOW NOW BROWN COW, or this one, THE COW JUMPED OVER THE MOON, or the old saying, THEY'LL TAKE TILL THE COWS COME HOME. Now you see this cow is sooooo boring, there is nothing exiting about this cow. Nope, almost zero, zilch, none, nada, nothing exciting at all about this lazy old cow, all you see is a plain simple cow laying down, and absolutely doing nothing. And now my question to you, my friend, is, how long are you gonn'a keep reading about this cow. Guess I gotch'a! I have kept you reading this whole story about a cow for the last few minutes, captured your undivided attention about a sleepy ol'e cow, bet you didn't know a cow was so interesting? Or that you would even be interested in it long enough to read all this..........GED.........SO HOLY COW!

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