Tuesday, March 27, 2007


A sport becoming ever more popular as tracks get better and equipment improves. You can witness, or for that matter"join in," these races at the dirt track in Marpi, on the northern tip of Saipan. Jumps, banked turns, whoopee-doos and flat-out straight- a-ways all add to the excitement and thrills. Throw in some mud, dust, and noise and you got a humdinger. I did mention" joining in" a few moments ago, now don't get me wrong this is NOT for just anybody who thinks they may wann'a go for a ride, no sireeee Bob. You gott'a be rough and tough, fearless, lean and mean, able to eat mud and dirt, crazy, insane, able to ride with eyes full of dirt, own a bike and a whole lott'a other things. Now if you are able to meet that criteria, go right ahead on, give'r hell, get your jig on, we'll be cheering for you on the sidelines........GED........

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