Friday, March 30, 2007


A new industry is coming to the Northern Marianas. Two new fishing boats will be arriving soon. Read the following excerpt.
NORTHERN Marianas Fisheries, Inc. — formally known as Lady Kimberly Inc. — has announced in a media release that it has received full financial funding to commence the commercial fisheries project that was announced early last year on Saipan.
Courtney Zietzke, the company president, said the company’s freezing operations will be based on Rota with additional operations on Saipan.“The company will employ local people with high paying jobs, which will help provide economic security for this area”, said Zietzke.
“We will be working closely with the local CNMI fishermen’s co–op association in order to cross market and sell the fish catch both locally and internationally. The local CNMI employment will exceed 25 and grow when we expand operations in the near future. We hope to see employment increases in marine support industries as well,” said Zietzke. Northern Marianas Fisheries owns two commercial, deep sea, long line fishing vessels which are scheduled to arrive in the CNMI next month.
The company plans to fish outside of 20 nautical miles surrounding the CNMI area. This operation is fully compliant with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and is “dolphin safe,” said Glenn H. Manglona, the company’s vice president.The two fishing vessels that are re-locating to the CNMI are the FV Miss Saipan and the FV Lady Carolina.
Well there ya' go, anybody interested in fisnin'. Pay is about a buck five ninty-five, plus free tuna on the- all you can eat in one sittin', basis. No landlubbers need apply, cause we are the men o' the sea. No need for pansy wansy dudes, only men who can swab a deck, handle a line, pilot a boat thru though violent seas and work your ass off.... Come on with the sishimi!


Anonymous said...

Won't work.

The CNMI government will drive any operation out of business unless it can afford the bribes.

Glenn said...

So request for special favors. This is a U.S. company that will be homeporting on Rota. There will be no under the table arrangement period.
G.Manglona, VP of Northern Marianas Fisheries, Inc.