Wednesday, March 28, 2007


If this plane is landing, and you are on it, breath a sigh of relief. Whew! we made it. If this plane is just taking off, and you are on it, how long will you have to contemplate the possible results of your landing? Could make for a long nervous flight..... Reminds me of a flight I was on a long time ago. The pilot announced that one landing gear warning light was on, indicating one set of landing wheels weren't extended. The co-pilot looking through a window in the bottom of the plane confirmed that they were, indeed down, but not locked in. We landed on a emergency run-way with fire trucks and ambulances lining both sides of the run-way. I'm still here, the gear held. As we departed the plane and saw the next long line of passengers anxiously awaiting to board the same plane, I had but one thought....I'm glad to be getting off...Rather than getting on.........GED........ (click photo to read inscription)

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