Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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June. 26/08
Now we hear in today's news that the 'private sector' will be footing the bill. Now I can't imagine who this might be.
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Today's Headline:
Private sector to pay for federalization lawsuit:
THE “sympathizers” of the Fitial administration” in the private sector will finance the costs of suing the U.S. government over the federalization law, Variety was told yesterday.
How truthful is this announcement or is it a smoke screen to divert your attention from the actual waste of money? I don't think any smart business would venture into this loosing cause, how about you? 'Comment' below...


Anonymous said...

Yes, Willie Tan sympathizes. Bwahahahaha!

Fitial-Crisostimo 2009!

chamberonomics said...

Chamberonomics 52 - The Godfather

Is the NMI suing the United States. It is expensive to sue the government of the United States of America. All federal lawsuits, especially frivolous ones like this one, are both costly and time consuming. Apparently the CNMI now has a lot of money and time on it‘s hands. One must ask: “Where is this money and time coming from?”.

Private companies, as yet unnamed, have offered to fund this absurd legal action against the United States government. Does anyone even KNOW who these ’investors’ are? I’ve seen The Godfather. Are we asking Don Corleone for a favor? Who exactly are we borrowing this money from? The source of this funding could be organized crime, the Chinese government, HANMI slavers or even (God forbid) our notorious Saipan Chamber of Commerce. We, the citizens, have a right to know who is putting up the capital for this venture. It is clandestine agreements that got us the thriving economy that we now enjoy.

“Politics make strange bedfellows” says the old cliche. The CNMI has been in the right bed, with the wrong partners, for too long. We should be proud to be members of the United States of American. This administration is harkening back to the days of Jack Abramoff, when disgrace for the decent people of the Commonwealth had a dollar value? Stalling federalization in the CNMI will do irreparable harm to our economy and accentuate our shame. Fighting our inevitable future will only delay the aid we most desperately need with electric power, potable water and adequate housing for everyone. In addition this contemptuous behavior will further shun the private and military investors which we so desperately need.

These deplorable actions must stop before our beautiful island become the target of more international shame. It is both unethical an undemocratic for our governor to use slush funds of unknown origin to speak and act for us. IS THIS WHAT WE WANT???