Sunday, June 29, 2008


Have you seen the pictures from Iowa and through out the floods of the Midwest, etc. of people looting the liquor stores, carrying away televisions from retail stores, sitting on the roof begging for someone to take care of them and collected in the baseball stadium complaining about the food and shelter being provided?
Neither have I.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying the people New Orlean were not real American because there homes were flood and they had no place to go accept the New Orlean football stadium? Maybe if that happen to you or your children you would not say that.

Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps people in the rural communities in the United States are better able to cope with natural disasters than their counterparts in the big cities. Lets face life does not prepare one to be self-sufficient A stadium becomes the city equivalent of "high ground" if your city apartment or house becomes flooded. In many instances, city dwellers used to be country folk and had to migrate to the cities to find jobs during and after the great depression.

glend558 said...

I got wiped out twice in typhoons. Took a big hit the first time, the second time, total wipe-out, a concrete slab was all that was left. Typhoon Posonga in Rota.
Baybreeze restaurant, East harbour. Never recieved a dime! This was a business not a house.

Pj said...

Anon #2: I agree that Rural communities are better able to cope than larger communities. But this flood has affected some of the largest cites in the Midwest all up and down the Mississippi River and its tributaries:
Quad Cities (IL/IA) pop 400K,
St Louis Mo pop 2.8 million,
Des Moines IA pop 194K,
Cedar Rapids IA >100K.
And these are just some of the places that made the news.

I believe Mid-westerners are better suited to deal with flooding because the Mississippi is guaranteed to flood yearly to some extent. And it affects the area immediately around the river, not an entire metropolis below sea level.
Which also makes you wonder how well 'The Big Easy' levees are doing about now. All that flooding is headed south.

call it lyk i c it said...

It was obviously a statement about the quality of people living in the inner-city area of New Orleans.

New Orleans is a bad town with some rough characters. Those animals did some terrible things to each other down there.

Now look at what's happening in the Midwest with better people who WORKING for a living instead of receiving welfare checks and selling drugs.

You'll find plenty of bad people everywhere, but this separated the humans from the animals.

This is not a racial commentary, but I would understand if someone were to interpret it that way.

I'd call that a defensive reaction and a serious conclusion leap.

carlos the mackerel said...

I didn't know that you were the owner of the Bay Breeze on Rota. That was a great place. I wish we had something like it on Saipan.

That typhoon hit Rota very hard. As I recall, it even demolished the solid concrete pier right in front of the Bay Breeze which had stood there since Japanese times.

glend558 said...

Carlos, You are right, actually it didn't blow away it washed away the storm surge was 8' above the floor. The ocean surge is a lot more destructive then wind.

glend558 said...

Anon #1, New Orleans came from your mind, I didn't mention any place.

Anonymous said...

Glen- maybe you didn't mention New Orleans but it absolutely fits. Certainly a tragedy. But don't blame Bush. Those people were warned to evacuate for the most part. They chose not to heed the warnings. Party time.. until it was too late. Blame the mayor and the governor. Is anyone screaming for FEMA in the midwest? Help your own damned selves. Start with getting a job and stop squirting out babies every year to up the welfare. One white gal was interviewed who had 5 kids from 5 different fathers.. complaining how would she go get her check. I for one am tired of supporting trash like that.