Saturday, June 7, 2008


We are in the process of receiving our U.S. Federal Income Stimulus Checks.
However, I wonder how much of this money passing through the sticky fingers of the local government will stick to their fingers. We already hearing about people having problems with receiving their checks due to errors with SSN's and small unpaid tax balances. This is referenced in Harry Blalock's FFT weekly column. See It Here..
Will the government be left holding a balance of our money that isn't theirs? What will they do with the remaining balance? Simply keep it? This would seem to be par for the course for the DOF to keep all remaining balances that it found not able to disperse to the rightful recipient's, us, the people it was meant for. Should the CNMI government profit from this U.S. rebate package? I don't think so. Therefore they MUST give an accounting as to who received their rebates and what is left and what they plan to do with it.
Will the DOF find ways to not pay the rebates and keep some for themselves? You can bet they will so an accounting of funds will be in order.
Your thoughts, please.


Lil' Hammerhead said...

It would seem any of the funds that go "unissued" would have to be returned to the federal government. These were individual payments.. not meant for any state/territory use.

I think the DOF needs to clear up why a large number of recipients have only recieved $300.00, instead of the widely reported $600.00. I've yet to hear a clear explanation on this.

glend558 said...

My guess is sticky fingers...
Why don't they post the rules in the paper? They always try to keep things in the dark. You can bet the DOF will get some of this money, somehow.
Maybe we should ask the Washington Rep....