Thursday, June 5, 2008

MC50- THE 3 BIG Q's

To all running for the Washington position of Deligate to Congress...
There are three very important questions that all candidates must answer and state their stance on this issue...
They are as follows....
Q1- Do you support the federalization of Labor and Immigration*?
Q2- Do you support the mandated Federal minimum wage hikes**?
Q3- Do you reject/oppose the governors anti-Federal Government attitude and non participation in the drafting of new legislation for the L&I bill***?
If any of your answers to these questions are NO then you are not acceptable to hold the position of Washington Delegate.
Here is a little more clarity to each question.
*Q1- There are a lot of open ended details to work out for the benefit of the CNMI. A non supporter of working on these issues and fighting against the enviable will only result in one thing, the Federal Governments plan without your input. Or there can be a plan including your ideas and concerns. It's one or the other, so candidates, please be supportive and be heard rather then a negative force against everything. A negative attitude will only cause you to lose your voice. The Governors stance of 'It'll ruin the economy,' will not work here.
**Q2- This minimum wage mandate will need, and quiet rightly so, some research, studies and reports. Supporting the minimum wages would include reading and understanding these reports and at some point there must be a sound decision made as to the success of the wage hikes. A complete absolute no, not, never stance will again be detrimental to the CNMI. There needs to be a clear head here. Certainly not the governors stance of 'It'll ruin the economy. While it would have an effect on a functioning economy there is nothing here to ruin. This 'economy' is bankrupt, down the drain and hopeless, with nothing more to ruin, so the 'it'll ruin the economy' claim is moot.
***Q3- Quite simply put, the Governor is an idiot. He has nothing new to give or help the CNMI make improvements or take new directions. He is a loser and needs to be removed in the next election. The D.C Rep however, must start anew and be open mined, forward looking, able to grasp opportunities, and there will be many, and enable the CNMI to move ahead. Fitial is a relic of of the past, already gone. Finished, Kaput!


Lil' Hammerhead said...

I think anyone going in with the attitude of simply "NO" to these things, will continue the counterproductivity. It will reap no benefit to the CNMI, and will continue us down the road to thirdworldsville.

Having said that, however, this election will be a "referendum" on the position of the community in general. Does the community support the minimum wage increase? Does the community either support the federal takeover of immigration? Or are they indifferent to either or both?

Whatever the position of the winning candidate are.. will speak to the feelings of the majority of the community.

That is unless, there are just so many candidates, that anyone with a big enough family, or enough money to sway certain pockets, pulls off a win.

That would be sad.

glend558 said...

Lil, Right again. But I feel, and according to polls and conversations the federalization has the communities support, but we'll see, won't we? To accomplish your 'survey' each candidate must state their true feelings and stance on the three questions. There can be no election rhetoric or bullshit.