Friday, June 20, 2008


New Deal to Revive the Capital Hill Brewery..
A Korean corporation is giving new life to Saipan's only microbrewery with a lease that will jump start a plan to market several local brands of beer on the island and overseas. “And what we're going to brew here is real beer.” Equally important is what to name the beer. Staffler said the brewery plans to hold a naming contest in the coming months with the help of the popular Garapan nightspot Godfather's. “Locals should be proud that there will be a local beer, and we're trying to give it a local name,” Staffler said.
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So what do you think? Do you have a name for the new beer to be brewed here on Saipan?
If you read the whole story you may get a better feel for the types of beer to be brewed.
Leave your suggestion below in 'comments'.


glend558 said...

Old Salty ...
Tastes like the water it's made from!

Red Flag Beer...
Like a day at the Beach!

What your bowls will do

Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

How about "Olde Covenant Piss" or "BenTan Nectar" ?

Lil' Hammerhead said...

"Pitch Black - CUC Blend"
"Ole Boy's Brew"
"Boonie Dog Beer"

Lil' Hammerhead said...


"Brownout" (Light Beer)
"Blackout" (Regular)
"Blackout-Island Wide" (Lager)


Anonymous said...

I hope they sell kegs...and refillable growlers.

Anonymous said...

"Skeeto" (as in i'm so drunk I cant feel tha moskeeto anymore)

Lil' Hammerhead said...

"Better Times"

Anonymous said...

"PDGB"--Pretty Darn Good Beer

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ben Tan Beer - one sip and you will realize bitter times are here to stay!

BTB or Better Times Beer - Sure our Governor sucks ass and our economy is in the toilet, but if you drink enough of this beer, it won't matter!

CUC Beer - one taste and the lights will go out!

Corruption Lager - a personal favorite of Ben Tan Fitial, one drink and you will be hooked into serving Puppetmaster Willie Tan.

Mamaigu Beer - one drink and you will fall asleep, just like what happens when Ben Tan visits the Garapan girlie bars.

Dumb Ass Beer - one sip and you will be making dum dum decisions like the CNMI's worst governor in history, Ben "Just serving my master Willie Tan" Fitial.

Bwahahahaha! Bitter Times are here to stay as long as you have Ben Tan in office. Shout out to Matt Gregory, AG and Tan loyalist and former employee.

Anonymous said...

Better Times Beer. Fucking funny shit!

glend558 said...

Wow, you all got with the program. Funny and hilarious choices. Excellent!

Lil' Hammerhead said...

I like "Corruption".

That's my favorite so far.

bigsoxfan said...

I wanted to suggest something in line with the article, such as a classic beer name; "tropical Wheat", but given the alternatives I have to say; "a decent
alternative to the local water" Wonder how that tranlates into Korean?

Glad to see someone is putting up the money for the equipment. Anything which can make beer and sits idle is an affront to the lord. Years ago, I worked with a fellow who set up brewpubs and we were asked for a quote on the very same equipment which sits on Capital Hill today. In those days, it was the Royal Tonga Brewing Co. I'm laughing now at how busy we were finding Tonga in an atlas, little did we know it would end up on Saipan. Not that we knew then, where the hell saipan is.

David said...

I am surprised that some legislator hasn't suggested that the government take over and operate the brewery on the road to Capitol Hill. It would provide jobs for local people and the government could exempt itself from whatever taxes are applicable to imported beer making it very competitive. Hawaii used to have a local beer called "primo" so I guess that we would have to settle for something like "Hafa Dai". I am sure that the clever consultants who work for the administration will come up with something catchy . The government could do some clever marketing like designating it the official beer at all political rallies /parties and making it the only beer that can be legally imbibed during working hours!

Anonymous said...

Tina Beer - puts you flat on her back

Midnight Karaoke Ale - Would make a Chinese hooker blush

Susu Malt - suck on one tonight

bigsoxfan said...

There was an English company which marketed "Wanker Ale". on each side of the six pack was a picture of a woman in scanty dress.

Anyone besides Glen and Randy know what a "wanker" is? Give you a clue. look back at the prev. anon. Biba Tina, Biba progress

Anonymous said...

Saipan dodo.. hows that??

Saipan noni is very successful?