Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Can't this man see what is happening all around him? Is he oblivious to the obvious? Federalization is here, it is here now and won't be changed. Why can't he see the light?
He is in a 'still the same' position, his head up his ass.... Story Here...
But the Fitial administration does not seem quite ready to call off its fight against federalization.The governor told the media yesterday he is still consulting with lawmakers, businesses, and other groups on the three options he outlined in his State of the Commonwealth Address last month. The options are to sue the U.S. government, help draft the regulations, or lobby the U.S. Congress to amend the recently approved immigration measure.
What does this guy expect to accomplish by being dazed and confused about what is going on all around him? Gov. they're here, you saw them today and your blockheaded stance is looking pretty ignorant at this point. They are here to work with you on drafting the rules and regulations for the enacting of the L & I laws, and you are stuck in 'dumb ass' mode. You need to pitch in and help improve the situation, not keep fighting against it all.
Governor, wake up and do what you were elected to do, to lead and advance the will of the people. That does not include being a relic from bygone days and retaining old biased opinions. You have to be the worst gov. ever and there were a bunch losers to be up against.
Now while they were here you had no shame to be holding out your hand and begging for aid and support from the same people you detest, how can you do that without being two faced?
I think you had better ask the few people that voted for you if they do, indeed support your actions. I believe you are in a small minority on this issue. So wake up and do the will of the people!That's all.


Anonymous said...

I think you should remember the man is a long time politican. He's politicking but what makes you think people are not going to work with the feds. Of course they will. It's just tough talk, part of the negotiation. I don't agree with it either but you seem a bit over-stressed by it. Relax & have a beer.

Anonymous said...

glen, 50 guest workers missed federal officials as they were standing holding signs. Wow. the number dwindled substantially from the thousands. Guess they all realized they were fucked or used and then fucked.

Anonymous said...

some will argue against your assumption that fitial was the worst governor ever. Others will say that Froilan was the worst. Still others will say that Pedro C Tenorio was the worst and then there are those who will say that Babauta was the worst for various reasons.

Bottomline is that everyone can make an argument.

for anyone to say that everyone supports federalization is a bold one to make considering that if you look at the today's headlines where only 50 guest workers were present at American Memorial Park goes to show you that people are beginning to change their position.

I agree with first anon...relax and have a beer.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Noni - Months of planning went into the unity march. The DOI visit was a last minute thing. To suggest that the throngs of folks who were at the Unity March wouldn't want an audience with the DOI is simply silly.

You can argue that the sky isn't blue.. doesn't mean you'd be correct. Ask any person off the street their opinion of our current group of leaders.. you're more likely than not, going to get Glen's exact reaction.

Let's stop playing games, spending funds on needless actions and focusing on nonsense. The entirety of our resources need to be put towards addressing CUC.. not perpetuating a future of cheap labor.

Not enough real down to the ground begging is done.. that's part of our problem. We are in a situation right now, where CUC is concerned.. the last of our businesses will be closing in months if something isn't done. Those in power should direct their entire attention to this and this alone. And yes, this may require getting prostrate and begging for help from the feds.. DO IT!

Anonymous said...

sorry lil...last thing anyone wanted to do was to upset an irate frustrated monkey. Have a banana and relax.

Anonymous said...

To Lil and his monkey friends:

No matter how y'all try to twist things, foreign workers would STILL be required to leave the CNMI. And who's to blame for this? Your UNITY March. Should be renamed to UNITY Mass Exodus. Keep talking while the non-residents keep walking outta here...

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Oh.. you're the one doing the "twisting". The status of workers will be reviewed within a two-year period. Read the text of the law before you continue to spout off. You don't know what will become of present workers.. because it hasn't been decided yet.. Nostradimwit

Lil' Hammerhead said...

..and maybe it is appropriate that some leave by the way. I'm in total support of providing improved status for long-stay non-residents. All others should be here as employment is required, and that hiring should not be at the expense of qualified residents. Remember what your teacher said about "assuming".. you make an "ass" out of "u" and "u". ;}Certainly not me.. I do that all on my own! :}

Paul Harsany said...

You can solve it all!!!

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What are all you people with extra cash waiting for? Bum Rush the Mayors Office with those Bids!!!!

The Governor is right!!! Who needs feds when we got Chickens With Razorblades to solve our woes.

Anonymous said...

"Read the text of the law before you continue to spout off." I did monkey-breath.

Am I to believe that workers with expiring work permits this year would have to wait two years then? Or better yet, how do you know these issues would be resolved by then. And since apparently you haven't read the "Text," any improvements on immigration status requires an "ACT OF CONGRESS" you baffoon! Add the time periods up and you have 4 years at the least. Again, what do expiring contract workers have to do (employment-wise) in the meantime, if not deported?

Anonymous said...

Expiring contract workers move to the transitional program, which can be extended indefinitely. I guess it's not enough to read the law, Noni; you also have to have enough brains to understand what you read. Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

"Expiring contract workers move to the transitional program, which can be extended indefinitely."

Another baffoon! In order to qualify being placed under the transitional program, a non-resident worker needs to be employed or hold some type of immigration status or purpose for prolonging his/her stay. Unemployment is NOT a purpose by the way.

Anonymous said...

Oh Geez, hyperactive Noni who has he nerve to call everyone else "Buffoon": A guest worker whose permit expires this year (which is just about everyone) can apply for renewal under CNMI law. Once the Feds take over, they will recognize existing permits until they expire (but no longer than two years). At that point, they can get a permit under the federal transitional guest worker program. Yes, they will need a job in order to get such a permit. Duh.

Anonymous said...

And when they don't get a job... What happens then? Deportation, my friend. So much for the UNITY march, huh.

Anonymous said...

Right, Noni, but the same is true under the current system. If you're a guest worker and don't have a job, you generally don't have the right to stay here. That is not the result of federalization, you "buffoon".

Anonymous said...

Thank you for proving my point. Now, explain that to the countless foreign workers you MONKEYS led on and exploited.

Anonymous said...

"...the same is true under the current system."

The TRUTH is beginning to REVEAL itself. Can I hear a "OOOPS!"


At least with the old system (where the CNMI, at its discretion, could provide a few exceptions), foreign workers still had a shot. No longer the case now!

Anonymous said...

Unity march organizers now targeting free tibet unity march to be held soon. Coalition of Unity Marchers Marching for United Unity of Unity Marchers.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute: I point out that the fact that guest workers need a job to have status, both under the old system and under federalization. Hyperactive Noni then responds that this proves his point that federalization is causing this problem guest workers. Huh? What a logic-challenged idiot. You're not representing the anti-federalization point of view very well, Mr. Noni who calls everyone else "Baffoon".

Anonymous said...

"I point out that the fact that guest workers need a job to have status, both under the old system and under federalization."

Exactly stupid!!! Non-resident workers were expecting more from the Federalization act you moron! Not the status quo where BOTH systems are identical in that they require non-residents to be employed!

Now, if back-tracked your reading you will see that my ORIGINAL QUESTION was and still is:





As you can see MORON, you answered B. since they must be employed under either system in order for them to CONTINUE RESIDING IN THE COMMONWEALTH.

Nice try though. I give you a B+ for your efforts.

To all Non-resident workers whose employment contracts/work permits are set to expire, you need to ask these questions (THAT I HAVE JUST POSED) to the ORGANIZERS of your cause. Don't wait until your ORDERED TO DEPORT THE COMMONWEALTH.

Anonymous said...


I never said that Federalization is the cause of the problem. You said that.

I said that, the non-resident workers have been misled thinking that Federalization would supercede local law which requires them to be employed to gain status when in fact, it DOES NOT!

Basically, your efforts backfired on you and at the expense of the non-resident workers. I think it was Greg Kilili who said: "Be careful what you wish for." Well, you got your wish but such did not turn out as expected. Unless of course, you were just using these non-residents to advance your personal goals which apparently is, strip the CNMI of its self-governing rights. Either way, the non-resident workers lose. And they lost bigtime!

Anonymous said...

Now, who's logically-challenged, moron?

Again, for every non-resident worker who is unemployed this year and whom is ultimately deported as a result, you earn one FLAME in HELL.


The non-resident workers need to WAKE UP! and start asking the REAL QUESTIONS. Most importantly, they must ask these questions to RIGHT PEOPLE! PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF!

Anonymous said...

For the millionth time, Genius, CGWs whose contracts expire this year can get them renewed under CNMI law, and the next time can get permits under the federal transitional program. Now go back and get your high school equivalency diploma.

Anonymous said...

As a non-resident worker, I think that the Noni that raised a valid question is right. So to the Noni who posted the last comment, what happens to me should my contract not be renewed? Or, my work permit?

I don't think the anonymous poster asking this pivotal question is wrong in asking such. He made a striking point in that we, non-resident workers, will be deported if we hold no 'status' here in the CNMI. This logic does not require a high school diploma.


A worried non-resident worker

Anonymous said...

And mind you, we, non-resident workers, can only be granted work transfers administratively under the present local law. Do you think Cinta will grant me a work transfer given that my contract is set to expire in July? Answer me this.

Anonymous said...

The "Buffoon"-calling Noni isn't wrong for asking the question; he or she is wrong for calling everyone a "Buffoon" on the basis of their failure to agree with his or her illogical statements. If you're worried about whether the local authorities will renew your contract and whether Cinta will grant you the right of transfer, you're worried about the local authorities, not the Feds. The local government can try to be vindictive against the workers prior to federalization taking effect, but that would harm the business community. The governor's pals in the business community should therefore tell the governor to keep the vindictiveness of his minions in check. The Feds are still working on their regs, and the workers, just like everyone else, need to weigh in to make sure that they're treated fairly. There are a lot better prospects for fair treatment with the Feds than with local bureaucrats who think they have a score to settle and are not above bullying the powerless.

Anonymous said...

Het idiot!! Does the U.S. congress passed the federalization bill because of the Unity March? If your answer is yes please provide proof.

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot!! Does the U.S. congress passed the federalization bill because of the Unity March? If your answer is yes please provide proof.

Anonymous said...

Hey moron, what was the intent of the Unity March? It was to strongly oppose the recently enacted local labor law and to push for Federalization.

Spinning the facts gets you nowhere stupid.

You just went from a B+ to a D.