Sunday, June 15, 2008


If you don't attend you will be banned forever from bitching. If you don't participate in this meeting, your bitching rights will be removed and you must forever remain silent on this issue. Got the picture?
Here is what you need to do......
Got the CUC blues? Be part of the solution!
Concerned CUC ratepayers
are urged to join in on a community forum on Tuesday, June 17th, starting at 6pm at the Multipurpose Center to discuss short-term and long-term solutions to the CNMI's continuing utilities crisis. An initial list of reasonable, achievable action items has been drafted as a result of numerous informal meetings and conversations with rate payers throughout the CNMI, including residents, business owners, community leaders, and government officials. This action plan will be officially launched on Tuesday for public comment.
Ratepayers will also be urged to formally dispute their CUC bills. The disputes will serve not only as an act of protest against ever-increasing rates and a continuing lack of transparency and accountability at CUC, but more importantly as an act of solidarity by the long-suffering people of the CNMI to demand the efficient, reliable, and affordable utility services we all deserve.
The goal of improved utilities demands not only short-term relief and decisive action by the local government, but also decisive and organized action by the CNMI's ratepayers, and long-term planning that involves the participation and cooperation of our entire community. The forum on Tuesday, June 17th at 6pm is just the first step toward mobilizing our community toward that goal.
Come with an open mind, your best ideas, at least three friends, and flashlights! Carpooling is strongly encouraged.
Please read Ed Propst's blog post. For more information about the community forum, contact Ed at 483-7361 or .
I can also be reached at 483-3935 or 285-3935, or by email at .
Thanks very much and we hope to see you there!
Power to the People!
Tina Sablan
There you have it, you must attend or forever hold your peace..


Anonymous said...

Fuck You and your Cause. Y'all are only aggravating the situation. Thanks to you, the damage has worsened. Federalization is not going to save me from being deported in July when my contract with my employer expires. And now, you're asking my fellow OCWs not to dispute and not pay for their utility bills. What happens when their power is disconnected Glen? Are you going to pay for it to be reconnected?

Radicalism has no place in a divided society. Yes, the CNMI is divided and we, OCWs, are caught in the middle. This is your fight and not ours. Don't include the already struggling non-resident workers in your causes. We had to bear with so much already. No thanks to you, Ed, or Tina.

Thanks but no thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

And for your group to say that I should not complain or bitch if I attend is so juvenile. How dare you undermine us OCWs.

Who died and made your group righteous? Has it ever occured to you that maybe, you people are the problem? Run for fucken public office! Quit exploiting us to losing battles. Fitial and his administration can go to Hell. I could careless but the fact of the matter is, he's still in power! There's nothing you or your radical friends can do to change this fact.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

You're about as much an "OCW", as I am a Lithuanian. I'm not.

You have a defeatist attitude, that should keep you in the hole your in for a substantial amount of time. Thankfully.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

..and if wanting to pull the community together to address the Utilities is "radical", you've lived a pretty sheltered life. Too sheltered I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Glenn we often castigate the "OBN" but I think you need to own up to your words and relax and enjoy life with your grandchildren.

You're just feeding off ed, tina and company and trying to feel like King arthur or julius ceasar.

Many questions had been raised about a karaoke bar but you continue to ignore there something that we should know.

Please tell us inquiring minds.

glend558 said...

To: Thanks but no thanks!!!
This was an e-mail from Tina (who I support) I mearly passed along her letter. Go make yourself heard.
Quit bitching anonyously.

To: Who died and made your group righteous?
About 3,500+ United States Military men. Many more died freeing the Philippines too. Think before you ask stupid questions.

Marianas Pride said...


There will always be critics, no matter what we do. I have grown to expect it. Anyway, thanks for posting it on your blog! We'll see you there.

Paul Harsany said...

Where is the Multi-purpose center?

glend558 said...

Across the Oleia beach, between the police and the courthouse.

Anonymous said...

REDEFINING "ethics"? Read this audit report starting from page 7. Enjoy!