Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ever watch the Gonzo show? Broadcast to a select audience?
Television talk show host John Oliver Gonzales is the latest candidate to enter the delegate race, bringing to seven the number of those who have confirmed plans to run for the post. Gonzales announced on Saturday his bid to become the Northern Marianas' first delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. He is running as an independent candidate.
Whenever I try to watch the Gonzo Show I feel like it is only meant for the people who can understand a language other than English. There is no consideration given to the portion of the community that speak and understand English only.
So The question is... Will he continue to only represent his chosen group in D.C. as he currently does here? Why not allow the whole community be involved in the discussions and debates which presently his current TV show does not? Should they be limited to a certain interest group, and not everyone? If he wants to go to D.C. he will need to include ALL group's of citizens and not limited to a certain 'language' group. He will also need to speak English.
Let us hear your reply in English, please!


cactus said...

There are 55 channels on MCV, mostly broadcasting at all hours of the day and night. Except for the occasional Asian language channel, it is ALL in English. The ONLY regular programming in the real native languages of this place is Gonzales' one-hour once-a-week show (and, sad to say, even his guests end up speaking English half the time).

It is mind-boggling to me that you would begrudge anyone that.

Anonymous said...

glenn, cactus is correct...they speak english and mostly in that vernacular throughout the show. Is it too much for you that we can have just one hour a week for that purpose of discussing issues that surround us.

Why dont you make the same argument on the Tuesday show in Carolinian. dont see you complaining about the tagalog or chinese show either having close captioning.

stop your whining...whino!