Thursday, May 29, 2008


Who would have ever thought this government would stoop to counting chairs with monkey shit on them? Once you laugh till you cry, you pee your pants and your ribs ache, that's enough. Is this what's important to the government, three chairs and a dilapidated old house? We should put this cartoon on a comedy show, like Jay Leno's Headlines. I can see the headlines now.... CHAIRS MISSING FROM EVIDENCE ROOM, STAND IN GOVERNOR HASN'T BEEN SEATED YET.
Here have a good laugh at this comedy of fools......
Taotao Tano accuses AGO of trespass:
their rights were violated, Taotao Tano headed by Greg Cruz Jr. yesterday filed a complaint with Department of Public Safety against the Attorney General Office for “criminal trespass.” Cruz, in an interview with Variety, said the filing of complaint stemmed from the AGO’s allegations about chairs missing from a government housing unit that Taotao Tano is now using as its office.
This goes to show there are blooming idiots running loose on Capital Hill. With all the budget restraints, rising crime rates, lack of funds for DPS, copper wire thefts and people having to work overtime to accommodate all the problems, we get this piss ass frivolous complaint to the DPS by TTT against the AGO. Both of these offices needed something to do to keep them busy. Why without this stupid ass action there wouldn't be nothing for all those employees to do.
Let's all go sit in the courthouse and watch this serious problem be resolved by our underpaid judges. This could be equivalent to a circus. We also could start a task force to find the missing chairs, we could even offer a $4.29 reward! Wow! That would even pay someones power bill for a minute. It's only peanuts after all.
You bring the monkeys I'll bring the barrels. And we will laugh our asses off!

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