Monday, May 26, 2008


Subtitle A--Immigration, Security, and Labor - S.2739

Click on the above title to read and understand this entire bill.
This bill is at the bottom of a lot of other legislation, so scroll down until you see the above title, begin reading there.
There are so many misunderstandings and misrepresentations of this new act just signed by the president of the United States. Your understanding of the bill will enable you to relax and cast aside all 'rumors' and tall tales.
Another place to find this information in a more condensed form and an easy to understand verse in in the MP Magazine, it is on sale now at many local outlets. They do a great job explaining this in layman's terms so you and I can grasp it all, don't miss this opportunity! MP Magazine
Time and time again it included the positions of the governor and the will of the people in the decisions that will shape the outcome of the final draft of this bill. We must be diligent to make sure the new Washington Rep is in tune to the importance of working with the federal government and not take the present governors views and block headed stance. Here is a golden opportunity to make wise decisions on the future well being of the CNMI, don't blow this one. Reading and understanding empowers you to help yourselves, remember that, read and learn.
Knowledge is the beginning of all progress... GED 2008


cactus said...

The statement of congressional intent sounds nice, but the statement of congressional action speaks louder.

That comes later in the bill, for example:

"The determinations of whether a business is legitimate and to what extent, if any, it may require alien workers to supplement the resident workforce, shall be made by the Secretary of Homeland Security, in the Secretary's sole discretion."


"[T]he Secretary of Homeland Security may grant such request [for visa waivers for visitors from any particular country] and may promulgate regulations with respect to the inclusion of that country and any special requirements the Secretary of Homeland Security, in the Secretary's sole discretion, may impose prior to allowing nationals of that country to obtain the waiver . . . "

The bottom line is that all that nice talk about "encouraging diversification and growth" and "as much flexibility as possible" is going to mean whatever the Secretary of Homeland Security, in his sole discretion, decides that it means.

glend558 said...

This was FYI, but any input and cooperation from our people with the Feds would make it a more pleasent and workable situation.

I simply wanted everyone to have access to the bill in the present form as it was approved by the U.S. president. There is a lot of details still to come and details to be worked out by both parties.

cactus said...

You are right to encourage everyone to read what the bill really says. I encourage this also.