Sunday, May 4, 2008


Ben, give it up, let loose, you will never win going down the path you are taking... It's a dead end street a no win situation. Can't you see that? What is wrong with you? You can't see what's really happening? Man you gotta let it go!
Ben let me say this:
You will do much more good to get involved into the process. I'll bet you will find them completely ready to listen to your concerns. Do you think you are against a brick wall? Ben, these are people trying to help us. Can't you see that either? Join in the process and help in the the organizing of the bill as it develops. You gotta pitch in and stop fighting a losing battle. I feel sorry for you not being able to recognize the help that is your fingertips and you keep banging headlong into a wall, like a loser!
Stop being a butthead!
Here is some of his "leadership": Story Here...
NMI has 3 Options Once Feds Take Over Immigration:
GOVERNOR Benigno R. Fitial says he is exploring three options, including litigation, once the federal government ends his control over local immigration. But some officials who asked not be named said a lawsuit is “a losing proposition” because the U.S. Congress is bent on extending federal immigration law to the islands.“The CNMI will just end up paying expensive legal fees,” said a former official. He added, “There are three courses of action that can be pursued individually or simultaneously — litigation, "negotiations regarding the regulations" or seeking new legislation. I am in the process of consulting with the Legislature, the business community, the indigenous community and other interested parties about these options.”
Ben, There is another option and it could be the part where you say, "negotiaitions regarding the regulations" as stated above. That is the way to go.
Join in and help set the rules and regulation that still needed to be ironed out. There are a lot of open options that need your input to reach the final draft this must include your help. This is a long way from being a done deal, and is not set in stone, it never will be. There are always changes that can be made as the new law is in tried out and adjustments are made. You must be part of the whole process. Now go do your job.
Another thing here:
You must ask the people for permission before you jump into something stupid like a lawsuit..
Ben, don't jump in a losing situation by your self,
get it approved by the voters!
Wake-up! be part of the solution not the problem!
On another thought:
The governor at the same time claimed that the CNMI has done “a dismal job in Washington in educating members of Congress and their staffs about the commonwealth —
its location, history, and needs.

Now I have this question at this point: Didn't you have some expensive lobbyists you paid good money for and no-one knows of you? What the hell were they for then? To have a car waiting for you when you get there. Doesn't seem that they helped at all! And finally aren't you the 'leader' the 'buck stops here' kind of guy to take it on the chin like a man or resort to kid games?
Under the circumstances, it is not surprising that we were not able to muster any significant support in dealing with our minimum wage and immigration issues.” The CNMI’s resident representative to Washington, D.C., Pete A. Tenorio, does not share the governor’s anti-federalization stance.
So now it's back to the childish game of finger pointing, (doesn't this get old) You cut his budget, ignored his ideas and posed for phony handshakes, and now it's all his fault, lobbyist's or not, it's his fault. You can't see through this one either.
Pete A. Tenorio, does not share the governor’s anti-federalization stance.
Now this is the very reason Pete should go back and be the new Delegate to Congress.
The bullshit Fitial is talking about is for the reason of covering his own ass. He did a lousy job (still is) and he knows it, so he points to someone else. Pete knows Washington and is all set up and equipped to go back to work. I had had a few occasion's to discuss a few issues with our W.R. this year and he and his staff were right on, they didn't even act like a government office, nope, they acted like it was my office too. Now if you have ever tried to ask questions to an office of the government you will know what I mean. This was different! I felt accepted and my questions were answered.
I suggest Pete to return to D.C.


lil_hammerhead said...

They better not WASTE a penny of public funds in a useless effort to fight this. If they do.. they will have more crap on them then they can imagine.

They need to suck it up and sit at the table to work out the rigs.. or they'll simply find themselves ignored.

glend558 said...

You nailed it, Lil. I've been saying all along, join in, be a part of, help out, give them your input they will listen. I can't really understand how he sees this. I believe he is afraid of something.