Sunday, May 25, 2008


Be aware! Uncle Sam is trying to buy you out.
If you aren't careful Old Uncle Sam and the haole outsiders with all his money will try to take advantage of you NMD's and all your islands. Why just look at them now, trying to take three of your islands and preserve them as a national nature sanctuary monument. You better cry foul, just who do those outsiders think they are, depriving all you NMD's of your lands? Think about all the people who make a living fishing there, not to mention all the tourists coming to see these rare pristine wonders of nature. My god they are taking the bread right out of your mouths. See how they are weaseling in, give them three islands now and they certainly will want some more later, those scoundrels! You better watch out, who is more capable of managing your business, your islands and your lands then you yourselves? Don't let it happen! The nerve of those haole's! Kick their asses out!
Then there is the economy stimulus package. Are they trying to buy your own souls too? Who are they to try to take advantage of you and your people by handing out free money, money you never paid in? I say send it back with a letter telling those pushy outsiders that you won't be bought. To really make your point, send your passpost back too, that'll show 'um. Where is your pride? Send it back and tell 'um off, tell 'um you can manage quiet well on your own without them interfering. After all this is your place, your islands and your economy why do they need to be screwing around with it? Greg Cruz should be the first to return his refund to set an example to the rest of the Tao Tao Tano's to send theirs back too. How can you be sent refunds when you never paid into the fund at all? There must be some stupid haole mistake. Returning them would show 'um to stay outta here, outta your place, your islands and your business.
How about all those capital improvement funds? Imagine the nerve of them giving all that money then telling you what to do with it, and even making you contribute a portion yourselves, how ridiculous! You can manage on your own, tell 'um to go to hell! Imagine you needing an outsider to tell you how to manage your business and your islands. That's downright insulting, send it back! Go it on your own, you don't need outsiders telling you what to do, Right?
Then if that's not enough they are cutting you short of your well deserved food and welfare stamps, let them know if they can't get it right and send enough, don't mess around at all, after all you got things under control it's your place let them get the hell out! The legislature will appropriate money saved from the retirement fund to cover it anyway. No help needed here. Why are those dumb haoles interfering in your stuff at all?
You NMD's better raise the ratio of bloodlines to be a bonifide NMD because those weaselly Asians will slide their way right on in and take your lands away too. They are just waiting to get a piece of your land. Article XII needs to be made stiffer and require a 50% bloodline to own land or, I'm warning you, watch out, those sneaky Asians will take it away!
Let me put it this way you have 15,000 voters and 5,000 government employees, damn if one government employee for every three voters can't handle your business, surely those damn outsides 8,000 miles away can't. Why do they interfere at all?
What is your governor doing begging for money from those same overbearing outsiders? Get on the ball and tell him to stop embarrassing you all. Why he just fought tooth and nail against their help with L&I reforms and now he turns around and begs the very same people for more help? What is he thinking? Call the governor and tell him to stop making you look like helpless idiots. Surely you can take care of your land, your islands and your own business, stop him from embarrassing you anymore!
Everyone needs to get on the Stanley Torres bandwagon and take charge once and for all. Become an independent nation and free yourselves from those damn pushy ugly Americans. Get those outsiders off your asses, your land and your islands once and for all!
Wake up! Don't sell yourselves to Uncle Sam, outsiders or pushy foreigners! Be smart. Go it on your own!


Buzz said...

Keep in mind Glen that sarcasm is also a foreign language here!

Lil' Hammerhead said...

I agree Glen.. I would suggest, however, that before you decide to hop onto that anti-U.S. bandwagon, you leave your U.S. passport at the boarding counter.

You can blab and bloviate about how this isn't the U.S., and the Feds should have nothing to do with the NMI.. but when you do that with a passport still in your hand, if you avail yourself of any type of gov't social program (food stamp, medicaid).. then your cries are absolutely worthless.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

.. and by "you", I didn't mean you Glen. I meant those lookin' to jump on the bandwagon.

glend558 said...

I knew that, Lil, thanks for clarifying this for the other readers.

cactus said...

That is an old and fatuous argument.

Nobody asks the people of New York or California to choose between their US passports and their right to be governed only by their own elected representatives, and nobody can rightly demand it of the people here.

glend558 said...

Cactus, I don't get it. Are you not governed by your elected officials? You have a elected Ex., Leg. and Jud. branches of government just like everyone else.
What is the problem? Aren't your elected officials competent enough for you?

cactus said...

Which of my elected officials just passed the federalization bill?