Thursday, May 22, 2008


Monday, May 26th will see another boost to the minimum wage......
The new minimum wage act provides for additional increases in the local minimum wage of 50 cents an hour each year on May 26, until it reaches $7.25.
A small silver lining in a otherwise ominous dark cloud that hangs over these islands. Yeah, the new rate will be $4.05 per hour, a first in this government repressed, economically wasted island.
If Ben "It'll ruin the economy" Fitial spent as much time and effort on improving CUC as he wasted on suppressing the lowest paid workers wages we could be onto something. But, Noooo, he'll spend all our money on lobbyists to keep the status quo and the poorest repressed. O. K. don't let me get started on him. I'll suggest we won't see any significant changes in the economy or in the operations of most reputable businesses.
Way to go to all who will benefit!


Lil' Hammerhead said...

It seems, they will fight tooth and nail, dragging this island down with them, in the fight for their personal business interests. None of this is good for business. If I was Tan Holdings, I'd be quite angry. Their core business here is not the garment factories anymore.. it is hotels and other mainstream businesses. Like everyone else, their main concern must be reliable and affordable power, and their second concern tourism. Instead of focusing on these things, you have an administration in constant battle with the feds. And a corporation who continues to lose face with the public, as the economy continues to tumble.

Anonymous said...

The increase in minimum wage will not shut businesses...the continuing utility rate increases and unreliability of electricity services will drive businesses away.