Saturday, May 10, 2008


I am going to do a short series on CUC explaining what I think about it and how I would handle it if I took the position Tony Muna has at this point. I will be looking at this as to how I would call it. Making a plan.
I've been stating that the rates = costs , we now have that, that was the correct way to go with it. Then in my last CUC post I mentioned we should now go after accounts receivable and start disconnections for non payers.
I know from reading a news clip that many of the government offices owe a lot of money, some in the thousands some in the hundreds of thousands. Imagine if all the non payers were disconnected we would not be having any black-outs, think about it as you pay your bill and sweat through black-outs, it's caused by others not paying..... Government offices would be disconnected and the power not reconnected until there is a payment plan acceptable to CUC. Power would only go on at this point.
With the residential accounts I would offer that there be no immediate cash charges be made at all. If you have a arrears it will be moved up to date by prorating all back dues into a monthly addition to the regular bill. (Maybe a 10% rate) If there is already a disconnect the connection should be made without charges and again, back dues prorated on the current bill. There should never be extra charges to residential accounts. This would offer some relief to already stretched out people.
To customers with real problems there should be made available pre-paid meters, this would then let the user manage the use of the meters and their choices of no power at their choosing. This would eliminate non payments and disconnections.
Follow that plan and we'll look at the next step, rebuilding and getting the existing engines up to snuff.
Now I'm not missing that all during these steps for the present problems, there needs to be a vigorous plan in the works for an alternate energy. I suggest looking into nuclear energy. That being said we will look at that later.


lil_hammerhead said...

I agree Glen, we should pay what it costs.. I don't know, however, that what CUC just increased the rate to is actual costs. I want to see a breakdown of exactly what we are paying for. I want to know how much CUC collects, what it projects to collect, and what every single dime we pay goes towards. I also don't think doubling the rate the same month is very wise. I venture to say that after a month or two, CUC is going to lose an inordinate number of customers, and the island will see more business closures.

I also think, outside of the generators, CUC needs a serious overhaul personnel-wise. They have an extensive list of personnel making over 40,000 a year. Despite their condition, they have a PIO making $54,000.. this is INSANE.

So I'm with you on the rates.. just not the way it's being done.

glend558 said...

Lil, Actually the rates were way to low ever since the legislature started being economists. Not really they were vote grubbers. Anyway follow my series on CUC and revamping the rates will come right after a normal daily power load can be evaluated. That will be immediately after the engines are finished with repairs. Also after all non payers are rooted out. I am not doing this to be voted into an office but to place the real picture out there to better understand what's actually going on. Remenber I, too am a rate payer.