Monday, May 12, 2008


Our local government must now buckle down and do some work with the DOI and help assist in drafting all the details of the new federal L & I bill. Our governor must start working together with the DOI get this job put together, stop whining and get to work.
See here where we have arrived at... Story Here...
Kempthorne Reaches Out:
The U.S.
Department of the Interior is ready to work with local officials on implementing the newly signed federalization measure. “The Department of the Interior has been a strong advocate for establishing a Northern Marianas delegate seat in the House of Representatives,” Kempthorne said. “And we look forward to working with the Commonwealth's government and business leaders on a variety of programs to assist them in building a better future for their people.” “It's important to note,” Kempthorne added, “that after the enactment of this significant congressional legislation, there is still much work to be done by federal agencies and the Northern Marianas government to implement U.S. immigration laws in the Commonwealth.” Kempthorne reaffirmed the importance of continuing to work and partner with Northern Marianas leaders to strengthen the islands' economy.
The CNMI government remains vague on how to proceed with immigration federalization, which the Fitial administration has strongly opposed. The governor said on Friday that he will continue to consult with the Legislature, the private sector, and other interested stakeholders about the government's options in dealing with federalization. In his recent State of the Commonwealth Address, Fitial had said that suing the U.S. government remains one of his options to stop federalization. The other two are to help draft the implementing regulations and to seek amendments to the new law.
Is this governor going to continue to be completely stupid, I can't believe he still wants to fight bullheaded and blindly against everything he needs to be involved in and helping to create for the CNMI, instead he wants to sue, what an idiot!
Let Pete A. handle this job...

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