Friday, May 2, 2008


Just wait and watch. The first step, the submittal of the budget by the governor to the legislature is already late. It was due in April. April is over! The clock is now ticking and ticking and ticking. I guess this will call for another poll, which I will add, and the question will be, "Will there be a budget passed for 2009"? and when? Here is some bits about the budget...
Inos: Gov’t Faces Greater Financial Challenges in FY ‘09

Well it's the end of April, the month the governor is supposed to submit a budget to the house. It didn't happen! So are we going to go through another year of scrapping, scraping and with fiscal management out of control AGAIN? Is it Deja vu another year of incompetency? Well it sure looks like it. Why can't this 'astute' businessman as he is so ignorantly called, produce a budget? It's not like it involves a lot of money or anything complicated.
There needs to be a law established to require the budget to go through the process on time and that there be penalties for not complying with the schedules.
Here's some snippets from the news.... Story Here...
WITH still no new budget for the current fiscal year that ends on Sept. 30, the administration is now working on the general appropriations measure for FY 2009, which will involve a lower amount than what it proposed for FY 2008. Under the Planning and Budgeting Act, the administration has to submit a new budget proposal in April.
Finance Secretary Eloy Inos told Variety that the next fiscal year will be more financially challenging for the government as it expects even lower revenues and income from the CNMI’s “almost gone” industries. He added that he understands the “long process of calculations on the budget.” Inos said they are already working on it. “We’re half way through the fiscal year and we don’t have an enacted budget, but this won’t stop us from working and submitting the new appropriations for the next fiscal year…and it’s our desire to submit it on time,” he said.
I detect a little bullshit coming off his lips as he says these words. It is already late! It's past due already Inos. WAKE UP! This makes me go back to some of the largest resort developments in Hawaii. With millions of dollars on the line there was only two things that stood out as the most important part of the whole job. There were ball caps with this on the front and everyone knew what it was all about and what the two things were, that the job was ON BUDGET AND ON SCHEDULE, all else fell under that program. This was how we all made money! If that attitude was applied here things would straighten out in a hurry. No one here unfortunately has ever had that experience, if they did it don't show or they forgot it.
Shall we just sigh and sit back and watch yet another year of debt, bullshit and bad times continue on. Shake your head and know how it will be, Same-o same-o, same-o, nothing different but deeper in debt...
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Marianas Pride said...

Things will not get better until we have responsible and honest candidates running for office. The prospects are looking grim since so many of our best and brightest continue to pack up and leave.

glend558 said...

That will leave it wide open for you, go for it!