Monday, July 28, 2008



If you don't do it my way I'll take my ball and go home...

Does this sound like a third grade school yard antic? A bunch of crybabies? Spoiled brats? Well this isn't a schoolyard is our greedy self-centered lawmakers.

Here is what I mean.....

The Senate has passed a bill localizing the federally mandated election for a congressional delegate, but with an amendment that would preclude any initiatives from making it to the ballot this year. However, the Senate amended the provision to designate the biennial election as a “special election.” If the bill, as amended by the Senate, becomes a law, all pending initiatives-popular or legislative-will have to wait until the November 2009 gubernatorial election to be placed on the ballot for ratification. Sen. Paul A. Manglona, who introduced the amendment, said that the Senate won't allow any initiatives on the ballot unless the House acts on the legislative initiatives originating from the Senate.

As everyone knows Tina Sablan and a dedicaed group of concerned voters have worked very hard to place the OGA on this years ballot in November. However a crybaby Senator refuses to let it be placed on the ballot for greedy reasons. Is it so he won't have to show their expenses and use of their funds? No! Was it to let the next group be examined thus avoiding public scrutiny? No!

I was because of somehing like his..If you don't pass my bills I'll punish the voters by not allowing the OGA to be on this years ballot. I'll show you!

How childish. I used to think they just don't get it but now I'm learning is they do get it, they just don't care!!!

A sad way to operae a government....


Anonymous said...

Glen thats why we need to elect Hienz and Tina 2009! HT not HD. These two represent the future all others are obsolete.

Anonymous said...

We need to investigate the background of all candidates for delegates and all elected officials!! Especially kilili, Republicans are endorsing him secretly by powerful and influential party members .... what a shame.

Anonymous said...

The honest truth is, a Heinz and Tina combo would be disastrous. Neither appeal to the general electorate. The same electorate that decides elections.

In order to get elected, candidates need the numbers needed to win. Heinz probably has the numbers but Tina placed dead last in the last elections.

Anonymous said...

"dead last"?

may want to recheck that statement.

Anonymous said...

P-1 Winners (Order of Most Votes Garnered):

1) Ralph Torres - 2207 votes
2) Dave Apatang - 1884 votes
3) Diego Benavente - 1681 votes
4) Joe Guerrero - 1427 votes
5) Joe Reyes - 1219 votes
6) Tina Sablan - 1007 votes

Now, doesn't Tina's placement shown above rank her as coming in at "dead last"? I believe it's you that need to re-check your facts.

cactus said...

She was only "dead last" among those elected to the six available seats in Precinct 1. Eight other candidates got fewer votes than she did, and were not elected. Of those, my recollection is that Jack Angello was truly "dead last."

Anonymous said...

k... just rechecked my facts.

she came in 6 out of 15 candidates.

that is not dead last in my book.

she got 1009 votes and spent around $600 on her campaign. not a bad return on investment. $0.59/vote.


Lil' Hammerhead said...

Any party that included Congresswoman Sablan would only be disastrous to those who are exactly the problem with the CNMI right now. There aren't enough Sablan's.. but at least she is starting to erode the ground under the cronies.

Sablan would do much better in an island-wide or CNMI-wide election. Guaranteed. You go girl!

Marianas Pride said...

Tina has the heart of a champion and I admire the fact that she has stood up to all her critics. She has put ALL of our people first and practices what she preaches. As far as finishing dead last? What exactly is your beef with Tina, anon? The funny thing is, anyone who disagrees with Tina has the option to speak with her. Her door is always open, unless of course she is in session. You can also call her on her cell phone. you know, the cell phone that she pays for out of her own pocket. You can also ask her to meet you. She will drive her lil' red corvette, a 94 Nissan Sentra, the one that she paid for and continues to drive, against my wishes since it has had some serious brake issues.

Yes, we need more Tina Sablans. But let us not forget a few of the other good legislators who work hard and hardly get any recognition.

One thing is for damn sure. We need to CLEAN HOUSE in 2009!

Marianas Pride said...

Glen, I just realized I posted the same topic as you! Sorry about that. Imitation is flattering though! ;)

Anonymous said...

48 USC 1752 reads that the election of delegate shall occur "at the Federal general election of 2008 and at such
Federal general election every 2d year thereafter."

Federal law trumps CNMI law so the proposal to call the election a special election is a complete farce.

Go Tina, Go Girl.

bigsoxfan said...

Let me quess. You are peeved and pissed off and not bothering to post. or the cuc brownouts have fried your stuff. or you are off island looking for someone with money to spend. Or you decided to take some time off and brown your toes in the sand. I'm hoping or option three.. Speaking of which, I'm a bit behind on my posting.

Anonymous said...

Tina is one thing but Heinz is worse than what we have now. He is clinically manic depressive - you can see the dark cloud come over him and then he begins to act like a man with a height phobia. Not to be trusted and surely not a change in any form.

Anonymous said...

If Heinz is manic depressive, then Fitial is psychotic, Diego is neurotic, and Juan Babauta is erotic.

Anonymous said...

Im voting for kilili cause the CNMI needs more corrupt leaders.

1. The '97 opa report $35,000 advanced payment

2. Alleged drug user

3. Failed drug rehab

The Cnmi needs these kinds of people! Biba Kilili!

Also Gv. Fitial is endorsing Kilili

Anonymous said...

Tina was involved in sex scandle at DEQ. Now has affair with Heinz. We do not need to be screwed more by her.

Anonymous said...

glen's probably running for delegate too

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Just checking in to say "Hi" Glen. Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous asshole, the only sex scandal is the one going on when you play with your one inch stub.

You are obviously just jealous because she shut your ugly ass down.

Get a life loser.

KAP said...


Anonymous said...

She licked the 1 inch stub. It felt good. She grinned, Mr. anonymous.