Saturday, July 19, 2008


How is it Stanley TLC Torres wants it his way, he wants the Open Government Act to work for him while opposing the very same act for his branch of the government. It's a two way street, either there is an OGA or there isn't one, which way do you want it Stanley?
You run around like a loose cannon demanding people show you their records while you want to be taken off the signature list to pass an OGA law that will affect you and keep you honest.
So what do you have to hide, another ghost employee?
Here read this....
Associate Judge David A. Wiseman earlier ordered NMC to produce all public records requested by Torres, R-Saipan, and denied the college’s motion to dismiss the lawmaker’s complaint.
Smith said “the requests Torres made over the years have been improper and not for any desire for transparency in NMC’s operations.”
Torres wanted to see all NMC bank statements and cancelled checks for 2004-2006
pursuant to the CNMI Open Government Act.
On June 12, Torres sent a new Open Government Act request
for records of all public funds expended on NMC administrative employees shown on payroll checks as well as a copy of Fernandez’ employment contract with all attachments.
Well for a fellow who likes to swing his weight and the OGA around, it sure seems funny why you don't want your records and checks scrutinized. So whats with that?
Stanley you are an idiot, everyone knows that. So can you explain your double standard pertaining t0 this OGA and why you won't support it.
We're waiting!


Lil' Hammerhead said...

Thank you Glen. That was my first thought. What a HYPOCRITE. Demands the records of others immediately.. but for some surely distorted reason, the folks should not be privy to his.

Anonymous said...

Glen there is an open government act law and Greg Cruz seems to be doing well with it.

Legislature source of funding is with the General Fund so there are ways to get the information and most of the time is asking and requesting for the information in black and white...ask Greg.

glend558 said...

Today the OGA does not apply to the legislature hence the request for signatures to place it on the ballot.
Have you signed it yet?