Thursday, July 24, 2008


It seems there is not any reasons or explanations coming from the governor about all the things going downhill. Where is he? Why don't he come forward and let the people know what he will be doing about all our problems, and there are many.
Governor tell us your plan to fix CUC. Do you even have a plan? Explain what you are gonna do next and tell us when to expect reliable power.
Next tell us what you are going to do with the CPA, it seems everything you take upon yourself to save or rescue ends up totally useless and incapable of functioning. Whats with that?
Then there is CHC, PSS, NMC, and practically all the departments under your administration are scratching to exist. How will you fix these problems?
Well do you know what you are? You are a snake in the grass a total failure as a governor and a 'leader', and 'leader' is not a word to describe you. Why don't you show your face and come forward with the answers the people who you are working for, so desperately need. Come out and act like a governor don't let the pansies Reyes and Muna take the fall for you. If you had any balls at all you would stop hiding and get something done.
Don't even consider running for re-election, you will be scorned and laughed off the stage, never mind even trying that.
Some say you should be impeached, others want a recall, still others say you should simply step down. Well I say you should be lynched, not in body but in mind, you should be forever out of our minds as total embarrassing failure. The reasons none of this happens is the people in place behind you are just as incapable of being a 'leader' as you are. What a sorry mess you have.
Go crawl under your rock and the people will overcome the terrible mess you have made and you will be out of their minds forever..... Erased from History...


Jeff said...

Because he's inert, Glen. The only thing he cares about is the pointless and no longer relevant federalization law. He's a disgrace with no sense of responsiblity to be a leader and fix problems. He only tries to manage blame.

Marianas Pride said...

And he can't even manage blame properly!

Governor Fitial should be the one conducting public forums. Of course he would be heckled off the stage...

It's too bad people in general are afraid of recalling him. Anyone who signs it knows they could potentially lose their jobs.

Anonymous said... are preaching to the choir. Everyone knows that the Governor and his cronies are looting the treasury! I guess that the federal government through the Office of the US Attorney has to bring some semblance of law and order to the CNMI. Lets thank our lucky stars that the major crooks did not know the difference between federal grant money/CIP and locally generated revenues. I am sure that the house of cards will soon fall and we will know what these arrogant local officials have stolen from their own people. It really is disgusting.One paper said that 158 people were disconnected by CUC recently. I hope that some of them get to sit on the federal jury!

Whose next said...

NMI Lt. Governor Tim Villagomez was arrested by federal authorities in New York Sat.

bigsoxfan said...

Looks like someone should dust off their copy of photo shop and put the Lt. Gov. in perp orange. I won't pass judgement till I read about it here, though.