Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It seem to me that some people have simply lost all focus of how things should work.
Read some of this brilliant deduction. Story Here....
Written by DelRosario Jr.
Recently Stayman explained his plans for a new power generation for Saipan that died when he left OIA. It's the usual bureaucratic excuse. Shouldn't this issue come first in terms of priority over federalization of labor and immigration? Eh, who's confused over priority, sir?
Confused, who's confused?
What the hell does Allan Stayman have to do with this administration's complete failure to operate the power plant? Did Stayman have anything to do with sole sourced contracts that all failed? Did Stayman run the generators into the ground because of no maintenance?
It's disgusting listening to diatribes coming from Stayman and Cohen riddled with confused priorities the blame being shifted to local leadership.
So you're saying Stayman and Cohen should run he local government? You seen to be blaming them for the failed government we have today. If the local government is not to blame who is? Aren't you an advisor to the governor? Then isn't it partly your fault too?
Well, if your plans didn't pan out, isn't it your responsibility to see that you follow through so that we need not go through the cascading effects of the power crisis today?
John S. DelRosario Jr.
As Gonno, Saipan
DelRosario, It's times like this where it is best to just shut up, you know, let things slide and don't make waves. Your comments appear to make us believe that you think we are a bunch of ninnies, slow uneducated people, that you can blurt out any bit of crap and we'll believe it just because you said it. Well we aren't stupid and don't believe anything you say, rather we getting really tired of all the bullshit! This administration is going to hell in a hand basket, slithering out like a snake in the grass, in total embarrassment and shame, so why bother?
Maybe you and Charles can have a contest for all to see, "Who can say the dumbest thing," before you all are outta here!


La Rasa said...

He's speaking for the Ponapean indigenous

SteeleOnSaipan said...

Wow. It can't be my fault so it must be yours.

I like the part "Whatever happened to the concept of equal representation..."
Does he mean like the diversified representation that we have here in the CNMI?.

glend558 said...

Hello Steele, good to have your comments again...
A comedy of clowns..

KAP said...

Quoting my comment on MC93:

I expect them to try to deflect criticism by attacking the messenger. "Oh, that's just Stayman."

It's funny the online Tribune listed the 'piece' as a story while it was with the letters in the hard copies.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

You're prophetic Kap.

KAP said...

I wish.

It's just their m.o., as the cop shows would say.

glend558 said...

Kap, It seems to be in both 'local' and 'letters'. Don't know why.

Jeff said...

John Del Rosario makes his living serving the propaganda needs of absolute idiots. It gets an incompetent idiot like him a high paying government job.

Anonymous said...

Tim Villagomez got arrested in New York.