Monday, July 21, 2008


I will write this as a story in layman's terms and with approximate facts. The facts will come later with whatever is published in the local papers. Bear with me on this one..
I heard on the news tonight that Mr. Pete A. and attorney Ralph Torres were in D.C. today spreading the good news about our terrible case of dumb ass management at CUC. They told the tales of rolling blackouts, sole source contracts, contracts without penalty clauses, and millions of ratepayers dollars being wasted. The begged for help, money to bail out our failed administration and their stupid managers. They cried the blues and said please help our poor people of the Commonwealth. And the people in D.C. listened. They felt compassion for the poor islanders and offered their help.
Their first questions were.......
Do you have a plan? What is it? What is needed? and how much is needed for your plan? They also ask what happened to the money already given to help correct this problem.. They stated they though they had given enough money to already have the power plant repaired. Well I guess no one told them about the millions squandered and worthless contracts they have entered into. And the D.C. officials were baffled.
Sadly the island reps. couldn't answer any of these questions for there is no plan, there never was a plan, no one ever had a plan, no one knows what needs to be done. They were in the dark as this administration, the Better Times idiots, have no idea as what to do. All they know is how to beg! Maybe the governor, on one of his trips to sue them, failed to mention the ongoing mess a CUC.
Now we come to question time...
How ever are they
going to do anything, regardless of all the 'loans' they make, all the credit they beg for (Ha Ha Ha!), all the money given freely from D.C., or all the many rate hikes you and I are suffering through, if they don't have a friggin' plan!!!! How can this be???
Running a government with no budget, rebuilding a power plant with no plan. It is a very bad case of the dumb ass....
More to follow later if it is printed in the papers.
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Marianas Pride said...

Glen, the "Better Times" administration does have a plan. Dole out as many sole-source "emergency" contracts as you can to your primos, familia, and supporters, and you will always have their support.

It's just typical government acting typical. Nothing new. Same ol' shiznit.

The Fitial deserves a medal for raiding the CNMI coffers while pretending to be protecting it. All of Fitial's budget cuts mean nothing when he hands out $5 million contracts to his network of friends.

The plan is brilliant. Ruin our economy and chase away all the CNMI's best and brightest and then establish a dictatorship.

All hail to King Fitial!

KAP said...

I expect them to try to deflect criticism by attacking the messenger. "Oh, that's just Stayman."