Saturday, July 19, 2008


Lawmakers OK $3.4M for CUC
The bill, introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives for the first time yesterday, sailed through the Lower House by a 12-6 vote. The Story Here....
The bill was immediately sent to the Senate, which passed the bill with five votes and one abstention. Crisostimo, the non voter was sitting on the fence as usual. Why send him to D.C.?
House members voting for the bill: Arnold Palacios, Joe Guerrero, Edwin Alden, David Apaang, Oscar Babauta, Diego Benavente, Victor Hocog, Juso Quitugua, Ray Palacios, Joe Reyes, Ray Tebuteb, and Stanley TLC Torres,
House members against the bill:
Heinz Hofschneider, Edward Salas, Tina Sablan, Rosemond Santos, Joseph James Camacho, and Francisco Dela Cruz.
Reps. Ralph Torres and Ray Yumul were absent.
Now you will know who to thank for the next gouge in your power bill but wait until the next election to express your many thanks...

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Marianas Pride said...

They are only enabling the addict. CUC is the drug addict, and the House just gave them some crack.