Friday, July 18, 2008


There are times when blame is cast, fingers are pointed and fault is found in everything other then the real reasons. Here is a sample of some of the most idiotic reasoning from the Fitial administration I have ever seen. It is an insult to all the citizens to be fed this much bullshit at one time. Do they really believe we can't see through this crap without questioning just what the hell are they thinking?
Administration Blames Feds for NMI Economic Woes
PRESS Secretary Charles P. Reyes
yesterday said: "it is the federal government that is compounding the CNMI’s economic problems."
This kind of statement from this government just really pisses me off! Charles, you have just received $16,000,000.00, that's sixteen million dollars, completely free of any strings, to pass out as an economic stimulus package and is this how you say thanks? I'll bet not a single 'thank you' was ever sent by this sorry assed government to the U.S. for the free funds. Was here Charles?
“It is very difficult to plan for a successful economic recovery when events are overtaking our planning process as we struggle to survive and maintain a viable economy,” Reyes said, in response to statements made by former Finance Secretary Antonio R. Cabrera.
You simple minded jerks never had a plan, no, never did, never will. How can you believe we are gonna take your word that you had fantastic plans and all of them went to hell because the Feds came to takeover L&I. What happened to all the plans you had before Federal L&I laws which haven't even gone into effect yet, the ones you promised will make better times, what happened to them? you know, Charles that was all bullshit too, wasn't it?! There were never any plans so just shut up.
Cabrera said the administration has no concrete economic plan.
But according to Reyes, the economy started to recover but the federal government approved a minimum wage hike and extended federal immigration law to the islands.
Wow! did I miss that surge of economic growth? You could have fooled me and I was here all the time. I completely missed it, how did that happen? Because there was never one that's why!
The governor, he added, developed a five-year tourism plan and engaged in extensive deliberations with the local strategic economic development council to plan for economic recovery.
How is that plan working out tourists yet? Was the pull-out of the remaining airlines part of the plan, or was that caused by the Federalization of L&I, which I may remind you, hasn't happened yet either.
To make a long story shorter, read all of it here...
Reyes said if the CNMI economy does not recover in the short term, it will not be because of the Fitial administration’s failure to plan for economic recovery.
“It will be because of unsound federal policies imposed without objective studies or careful economic considerations, for political reasons,” he said.
Well Charlie dear you have everything set up to cast blame at everything and everyone but the real culprits, the sorriest governor ever and his squad of goons. Now you can cast blame all around you, but the thing that gets to me the most is, do you actually think we are so dumb as to believe you and all your shit?
There is a time and there is a place to say stupid stupid stuff, but here is neither the time nor the place. Stop taking the public for dummies and stop thinking you are so smart that we'll believe you!


Anonymous said...

glenn you may have missed the economic growth but I'm sure you were here for Continental pulling out, oil prices rising, gas prices rising, minimum wage hikes and massive job loss because of poor economic times.

What I assume Charles was trying to say was that if the minimum wage hike did not occur yet we would still have many people employed at $3.50 or what have you. But now with $4.05 hours are being cut back and when this still does not work then jobs are lost.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Noni - What a bunch of crap.

What they're trying to do is shift the blame off of their shoulders. Obviously, the folks (excluding a few) aren't that stoopid.

glend558 said...

Anon, Don't you think it's kinda like getting shot with a machine gun 100times and poining out which bullet killed you.
The minimunm wage is the smallest of the problems, it seems strange you skipped CUC. I noticed you menioned oil prices but not the terrible mismanagement by this administeration of CUC which is making mistake after mistake costing ratepayers MILLIONS!
Can you live on $3.05?
Anyone that can't pass a balanced budget to operate the goverenment is doomed to fail, only he wants to point fingers at the very people helping them. What an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Charles proves once again that he is a nut case, but what else is new? He is probably on a pretty short leash which shows me that his bosses must agree with most of his rantings and ravings! After all he is the official spokesperson for this administration Lets look at the situation closely. The US government pumps a lot of money into the CNMI government coffers each year. The $16 million that Glen refers to is a drop in the bucket compared to what the CNMI government gets each year. Further, unlike a state, taxes collected stay on island. It is really the best of both worlds. Most island people appreciate what they get from the feds , but some do not. The recent misuse of federal CIP funds at CUC demonstrate that some people even think federal funds are to be used to benefit themselves and their families and friends! CUC's long history of failures( corrupt contracts, lack of generator maintenance, mismanagement for decades, etc )is why our economy is shattered and broken, not because the feds will control immigration or labor or whether we have a livable minimum wage! (We still don't} Obviously Charles doesn't get it! However,perhaps the man is not that ignorant and believes that bashing the feds will divert attention away from the real culprits! We all know who they are by now!Think about it.

bigsoxfan said...

So, I'm in the lower level of the outhouse trying to scrounge the twenty I saw drop in from the previous occupant and someone takes an after hours dump on my head. It is their fault or mine for standing under an open sewer?

Marianas Pride said...

Here we go again. Blame the evil minimum wage increase.

Do you know what a livable wage is anon? Do you think anyone can support a family on $3.50 an hour? Hell, you can't support a family on this expensive island at even $5 an hour!

Stop being such a putz and please get off your slave-driving mentality.

What an idiot.