Friday, July 11, 2008




Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Fitial lawsuit has nothing to do with it. I am interested in a constitutional interpretation of the Covenant and how it relates to how much federal intervention can be used on territories.

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico had many lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of federal laws applicability.

In this case I think that it would be good to see just what exactly the Covenant will amount to or if it is just a paper that we can soften up to use to wipe our asses with.

Anonymous said...

He's talking bet is it just won't happen. It is, after all, politics.
As for who will vote for those that support it, will they remember that far? It is way after next pay day!

Anonymous said...

anon...the lawsuit will result in an interpretation of provisions in the covenant.

Anonymous said...

My answer is NO until we all find out who are the financier sympathizers and then my answer will be MAYBE.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is willing at this juncture to file a lawsuit against the US to get an interpretation of the Covenant without first attempting to negotiate a solution to our differences is a fool! The document that Fitial wants a court to interpret (the Covenant) also sets forth a procedure for resolving differences. It is called Section 902 and it spells out a protocol for discussing and resolving disputes such as this.The self-serving lawyers who are advising Fitial on this one just want to be invited to the litigation party, demonstrate their power and influence, and perhaps make some money in the process. Lets show some good faith and give negotiation a chance. If that fails and the regulations that are adopted are too draconian , then a lawsuit may be in order.It is a giant leap to go from buying off US Congressmen via Jack Abramoff to suing the federal governmen. Any person who is willing to go that route now will never get my vote!

glend558 said...

My view of this suit is this...
You can sue for harm done to you for whatever reason. The governor has already decieded the federalization of L&I will hurt/ ruin the economy. However this hasn't happened yet (not by federalization.)In fact the governor should, at this point, be helping write the rules and regulations, which he refuses to do. If in the future this control of L&I does, in fact, causes economic damaged then a lawsuit would be in order, and quiet rightly so. At this point there would be a reason for it and would not look like it is frivilous and would be seen as the accepted way to fix the errors in the rules or make needed changes. Today is not the time for it. The U.S. has no reason to want to see the CNMI go down the tubes, you don't need their help to do this you're doing a good job of that on your own. The more you are damaged the more the U.S. has to bail you out.
So why would you think this will be bad for you? If Fitial wins the lawsuit what will that mean? Will everything remain the status quo? Is that a win? What does he want?
It's only the governors parinoia that is fueling the suit.
Fitials mindset:
Murphys law..If something can go wrong, it will.
Fitials law.. Something will go wrong, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

David, the last time 902 happened nothing materialized. I thought that before the federalization of immigration and labor happened 902 talks should of happened.

It's funny the Saipan is the only territory that will have a federal labor system.

Hmmm....Federalization of immigration and labor, minimum wage increase. what's next.

I forgot these were all done without negotiations and done unilaterally. Right David.

Goliath just whaled on us.

Anonymous said...

Glenn are you fucking blind tell me how many businesses are or were not affected because of the minimum wage increase.

Tell me how does Saipan compete with Hawaii or Guam in terms of tourism. Where would you go if all three offered the same packages (beaches, sunshine).

Be sensible now we need to have some sort of control of our immigration and labor in order for our economy to develop and survive.

glend558 said...

Anon, (above)
Where did I say anything about the the mininum wage? Acually it is the power rates that are killing businesses.
I would take Hawaii 10 times to one to go visit.